10 Steps To Get Free Leads and Traffic From Facebook


10 Steps To Get Free Leads From Facebook

Just a few words of introduction. This training is not unique to me, I have gleaned the method over time and from many sources.

Why Facebook?

Because there are 2.1 billion Facebook users.

If you are trying to put together a targeted list of potential customers, they are on Facebook.

The Question is:

“How do you pull those people out of Facebook and put them on your prospective customer list?”

The Answer:

Work this 10 step method diligently and you will succeed.

Must-have tool

In order to make this method work most effectively, you should use an email management system to build a list. This is a must!

Every successful internet marketer has an Email List. You cannot follow up with potential customers and your customers who have purchased from you if you do not capture their email.

If you have been around online marketing very long you have no doubt heard the saying “The money is in the List” or better yet “The money is in the Follow Up”.

There are many email management systems (autoresponders) available.

Just to name a few Aweber, Constant Constant, Mail Chimp, etc. Do your own research.

I use and recommend Aweber. Get your 30-day free trial here!


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Step 1 – Create a Facebook Business Page for your lead magnet.

Be sure to link your Facebook Business Page back to your Lead Magnet opt-in and utilize the advertising space of your Facebook page’s cover picture to promote that lead magnet.

If you do not have a lead magnet, here is training.

Step 2. Create a post on your Facebook Business page about your lead magnet

Include a link to your opt-in, and pin that post to the top for your Facebook Page.

If you do not know how to pin a post, here is training.

Step 3. Link your Personal Facebook account to your lead magnet Facebook Page

by changing where you work on your personal Facebook page.

Step 4. Next, go ahead and change your personal Facebook profile cover picture

to promote your lead magnet and your lead magnet Facebook Business page.

Step 5. Join about 5 to 10 Facebook groups

that are related to your niche and have at least 1,000 members. Make sure these groups are active and have had content posted within the last few days.

Step 6. Dedicate 5 minutes a day to each of these groups

Just be a part of the group. Like, comment, and post niche related questions and content in the group. Strive to be helpful to the group members. Do not spam these groups with your affiliate links.

Step 7. Build a rapport with the group members

Share your content, answer questions, make a video to answer questions and post, comment on other people’s posts, Just be social.

Any positive interaction with other people in the group (i.e. liking your posts, commenting on your posts, you Like someone else’s post) then friend request those people.

Friend request 5 to 10 people a day. No more than that, so you don’t run a chance of getting your account suspended or deleted.

Step 8. Use Facebook Live to your advantage

Do simple Facebook live streams a few times a week or if you don’t want to do that, post content on your profile a few times a week. Make sure this content and live streams have entertainment value, actionable content, and pitches your lead magnet.

Step 9. Once a week, invite all your friends and contacts to Like your Lead Magnet page.

Invite anyone and everyone you know in person or online, including Facebook friends to Like you Lead Magnet page.

Promote your Facebook Business Page and Facebook Group on Twitter.

Step10. Periodically create a Facebook Event

Create a Facebook Event for your lead magnet. Invite all your Facebook friends to attend. Be sure to include the link to your lead magnet opt-in funnel. This is where you move Facebook friends to your Email list.


That’s it. This 10 step method will get targeted people on your friends’ list and in turn, they will see your live streams, content, events, and then join your email list.

Try it, put in the work and it will generate leads for you.

Take Action!

“Action Takers are Money Makers,”

Thank you for reading!


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