110 Ways to Increase Website Traffic,Visitors,Clicks/ Part 2

This blog post is part 2 of my series where you will learn 110 ways to increase your website traffic, visitors and clicks. If you have not read part 1 click here. Traffic is the most important ingredient in your online success. You may have created the perfect website but, if you have on visitors your website is useless. Use the following traffic generating techniques of drive a flood on visitors to your website.

Flood Of Website Traffic

28. Email to your list every time you publish a new article or blog post.

No matter the size of your list it is vitally important to stay in touch with your email subscribers. This keeps your name fresh in their minds and builds know, like and trust. Trust is critical to your success as an online marketer.

29. Install a push notification plugin.

Push notifications are like text messages sent to people who have optin to receive notifications from you. When you have some subscribers you will be able to notify them through their browser and smartphone apps.

Push Notifications Training

30. Name your images wisely

Your images can improve user experience and increase website visitors if optimized properly with the same keywords that you are using in your blog post. Apisproductions.com suggests these steps to greatly improve SEO for your images.

  • Names your images descriptively and in plain language.
  • Optimize your ALT attributes carefully.
  • Choose your images dimensions wisely.
  • Reduce the file size of your images
  • Choose the right file type (JPEG, GIF, PNG).

Take a look at the Apisproductions.com article here.

31. Encourage your readers to comment

Blog post comments are a sign of user engagement to Google. Give a simple Call-To-Action inviting readers to answer a question that you pose at the end of you article.  Asking them to express their opinion on the subject that you have discussed. You may even want to ask readers to share their experience and or knowledge on the subject.

32. Write better headline/titles

Ali Luke of Problogger.com says this about titles for your blog posts:

The most important words in your post are the 6–10 words in the title (also known as the headline).These words determine whether the rest of your post ever gets read. They can guarantee failure, or give your post a great shot at success. And yet many bloggers treat their title as an afterthought. They either run with the working title they thought up when planning their post, or come up with something halfhearted just so they can publish.

Read her article here.

32. Research your Keywords wisely

Here is a short video explaining the importance of proper Keyword usage.

33. Use Long tail Keywords

Think of keywords as the key which opens the internet. If used properly, keywords can open the door to a flood of traffic to your website. Keywords are all about ranking in the Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)

However, it is impossible to rank well in search with a single keyword, This is where “Longtail Keywords” come into play. Long tail Keywords are a phrase that a person would key into the search bar or ask Alexa.

Here is an example: ‘Ford’ is a keyword. ‘Ford of Chicago’ is a long tail keyword.

The ideal situation is to research and find a long tail keyword that has a lot of people searching for it but very few blog posts videos or websites using those words.

You will need to Keyword Research Tool for finding long tail keywords. There are several free keyword research tools, Google Keyword Planner is one that is free.

I find the Google Keyword Planner not very user-friendly.  Click here. to get the keyword tool that I use and recommend.

34. Get a Podcaster to mention your product or service

Be a guest host on a podcast related to your niche, pay for an advertisement on a podcast or offer your service for free in exchange for a promotional plug.

35. Get a Popular YouTuber to give to a review

Provide a YouTuber your product or service for free in exchange for a product review.

36. Create a Facebook Business Page

Driving Facebook traffic to your website or blog starts with your Facebook Business Page. Your Facebook business page serves as your business profile but, you must first have a personal profile. Here is a step by step training compliments of Hootsuite.

37. Create a Facebook Group

Lifewire.com answers the question – What is a Facebook Group?

A Facebook Group is a place for group communication and for people to share their common interests and express their opinion. They let people come together around a common cause, issue or activity to organize, express objectives, discuss issues, post photos, and share related content.

Watch this YouTube tutorial for instructions on How to create a Facebook Group.

38. Share pictures quotes on social media

Click this image to read the article.How to make picture quotes

39. Ask your reader to share on their social network

(Sharing is caring). Use a social share plugin. I use the WordPress plugin named AddToAny share button.

40. Ask your social media friends/followers to share your content

41. Ask your family members to leave a comment on your blog post

42. Create share worthy Headline/Titles

Like mentioned in number 31 above, 80% of your readers will only read the headline so do this:

  • Generate curiosity
  • Use power words such as these suggested by Cristian at Wordclerks.com

Absolutely, blow your mind, best, complete, destiny, fascinating, innovative, monumental, professional, simplified, try before you buy, that will make you.

43. Use OktoPost to automate your sharing.

Oktopost is a social media management platform for Business to Business.  If you specialise in B2B, check it out you maybe able to use it to drive traffic to your website.

44. Update your old content and resubmit to Google via Google Console

You cannot just move paragraphs around or change the title. The content needs to be different. If you significantly change the content of an old article then you can go into Google Search Console and resubmit the sitemap that contains that page.

45. RSS Feed

RSS feed is kind of outdated, but if you choose to make it available on your blog, you may pick up some subscribers. Here is a YouTube video that does a really good job of explaining RSS and how it may increase your website traffic. RSS is a set-it-and-forget strategy.

46. YouTube Community Tab

If you have a YouTube channel with 1000 subscribers or more, take advantage of the YouTube Community Tab to engage your audience on a more personal level. The Community Tab gives YouTube channels the opportunity to post status updates, photos, links, GIFs, polls, etc. similar to Facebook. Subscribers and visitors can like and reply to Community Tab content. Use your community tab to share content from your website and to encourage viewers to visit your website.

47. Build back links to your website

In this video Neil Patel explains how important back links are to SEO and how to build them.

48. Comment on your niche Influencers blog posts

Because so many people have dismissed blog commenting as an outdated strategy, it is now easier that ever to write good comments that Influencers will notice. Here are some helpful hints to utilize in your comment strategy.

  • Use your real photo in your Gravatar Image.
  • Use your real name not a nickname.
  • Read the post before commenting.
  • Do not and I repeat do not dump links in your comments.
  • Read the other comments before writing your comment.
  • Start with a friendly greeting.
  • Offer a sincere compliment
  • Do not drone on and on. The rule is “quality not quantity”.
  • Do not repeat what the post just said. Be original and add value
  • Ask the author a thoughtful question, offer your opinion (pro or con).
  • Share personal insights or anecdotes.
  • End your comment with a promise that you will share the post
  • Share the post.

49. Cross Promote with others in your niche

Look for bloggers in your niche that are not directly competing with you. Approach them and work out a plan for the two of you to cross promote to your respective audiences on social media and or email lists.

50. Put a quiz or poll on your website of social media page.

Do not call it a survey. For best result call it a Quiz or Poll. Offer an incentive to your audience that will encourage their participation. Offer a free download, checklist, cheat sheet, etc,

51. Write Wikipedia articles

You will be able to link to your website or blog wit your Wikipedia article.

52. Create your own Wikipedia page.

Here is a short tutorial on how to create your own Wikipedia page.

53. Write weekly or monthly Roundup Posts

Successfulblogger.com says:

In a nutshell, a roundup post is a compilation of expert answers to a single question. Roundup posts are very valuable to readers because they get many expert opinions in one place. The post brings in traffic because many of the experts will share your post with their audiences.

It is important to contact the experts and let them know that you have included them in your roundup post. Don’t ask them directly to share your post but, say something like this “I have published a roundup post on xyz subject and included your take on it. If you would like to check it out here is the link. If you like it, please feel free to share it.”

54. Set up an email signature which includes your website address

This is my email signature: “Visit https://tomcaldwellonline.com where you can find training to build a profitable online business.”


Okay there you have it another 27 ways to increase your website traffic, visitors & clicks.

Now it is time for you to take action and put some of these techniques to work. Without action nothing happens.

Remember: “Action takers are money makers.”

14 comments on “110 Ways to Increase Website Traffic,Visitors,Clicks/ Part 2

  1. Henry

    Hi Tom! Your series of posts on how to increase traffic, visitors and clicks has really caught my attention. I enjoyed the first part and here I’m back for the 2nd part. There are some of the things you mentioned in this 2nd part that have put me to think. One has been to use RSS feed. And the other one has been to go and comment on my niche influencers blog posts. I’ll try both right away!

    1. Tom Caldwell


      So good to hear that you have read both part 1 and part 2. I am writing part 3 as we speak. I encourage you to use RSS feed, every little thing counts. The goal of traffic building is to use several techniques and build a snowball effect over time. Daily Action is the key to success.

      Good luck and much success in your traffic building efforts!

      P.S. I would greatly appreciate it if you would share this post on your social media.

  2. Selenity Jade

    Excellent suggestions on increasing your website traffic thank you.  I do have one itsy tiny little disagreement.  People should always use their real name, EXCEPT when they’re creating a pseudonym.  I have a name I’ve used online for so long people call me that in voice chat.  I also wrote under that name ages ago, played games under that name, and more.  You can create a pseudonym, like authors do, and not have it affect your traffic.  Pseudonyms are an acceptable practice.  Fake names are not.  That said, my cat rescue niche is under my real name.  But my book blog?  It’s under my internet name.  Why?  Because my internet name is completely unique.  No one in the world has ever used it except me!  I also created it over 20 years go.

    Real names are just easier instead of someone using RedCar2019 or something like a name.  That sounds fake.  My internet name is Selenity Jade, and I fully disclose it’s an internet name.  Authors use pseudonyms often and it’s acceptable for blog writers too.  As long as you do it right and not as an attempt to deceive.  You can also choose to be known by only your first name if it’s unique enough and not something like Jane or John.  Book bloggers do that often too!  In fact, tons of bloggers do it and become really successful.

    However, excellent suggestions on the other ones.  I use Hootsuite instead of the other social media sharing suggestion you made for your posts, but the article is spot on thanks!

    1. Tom Caldwell

      Selenity Jade,  

      Thank you for clarifying the name situation. You have explained exactly what I was trying to communicate. 

      Hootsuite is a great tool and I have just started to use it.

      Thanks again. Here is to your success, Cheers!

  3. Nate MC

    All of these are all excellent suggestions. In particularly, I love tip 50 and 38.

    People love taking quizzes and polls, so it’s a cool and unique way to generate traffic to a site. And lots of people share quotes. If a site owner shares a bunch and has a link to their site, all it takes is for one of those picture quotes to go viral to get a ton of traffic.

    1. Tom Caldwell

      Nate MC,

      You are so right, all it takes is one picture quote or any piece of promotion to go viral and you will receive a ton of traffic to your content. I try to do 5 traffic building things every day.  The goal is to build up a snowball effect over time. The key to success in traffic building and life, in general, is to Take daily Action. 

      Thank you for commenting. I would greatly appreciate it if you would share this post on your social media.

      I wish you great success in your online business.

  4. Abayomi

    Excellent article, truly I’ve gained a lot from your post because traffic is very important to online business, low traffic is low sales or no sales,which means getting traffic simply means getting money,your write-up has opened my eyes to some techniques to increase my websites traffic, I’ve not created a business page using social media,I will adopt your method,very wonderful and awesome,I will have to bookmark your website to go over it again,thank you for sharing.

    1. Tom Caldwell


      So happy that you found value in this information. I encourage you to set up a Facebook business page and start to do Live Streams. You could keep your Live as simple as pull up your blog post on your device, share your screen and read the blog post, Video is the number 1 traffic builder at the present time. Good Luck and great success. Please share my blog post on your social media, Thank you!  

  5. SeunJeremiah

    Indeed there’s a lot of content out there about how to increase website traffic. Some of it is old, some of it is okay, but none of it is really something that is actionable as the tips listed here, it’s proven system that i can implement on my website right away and see my website traffic skyrocket in a matter of weeks or even less. You just made me understand that with the right system, it’s really not that difficult to increase website traffic. Thanks alot for sharing such brilliant post.

    1. Tom Caldwell

      SeunJeremiah,  thank you for the compliments. Just keep in mind that the goal is to implement one strategy at a time, master it and then choose another and master it as well. I would greatly appreciate it if you would share this blog post on your social media. I wish you much success with your online activities. Regards. 

  6. grea8J

    This is a great thing happening here. Absolutely awesome. Now I can see why there might be no traffic to a person’s website – the failure to put all these into practice.I feel so blessed to be privy to all these information here. 

    If I don’t bookmark this website, then I would be missing out. Thank you so much Tom.

    1. Tom Caldwell

      grea8j, thank you for taking the time to comment. The goal is not to try and implement all the strategies at once, but simply choose one and work it until you feel that you have mastered it. Then choose another and master it and so on until you are satisfied with the level of traffic you are receiving. I would greatly appreciate if you would share this blog post on your social media. Here is to your success, Cheers! 

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Glad you found value in this blog post. Please share on your social media. I appreciate it


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