110 Ways To Increase WebsiteTraffic,Visitors,Click / Part 1

Do you want to increase the number of traffic, visitors, and clicks that you get on your website? What if I could give you 110 ways to massively increase your website visibility? This article is Part 1 of a 4 part series in which you will learn 110 ways to dramatically increase the number of people that visit your websites.

We all know that a visually appealing website that contains interesting content and is monetized to make you money is worthless without a ton of targeted visitors. Getting massive quantities of website traffic is the number one challenge for most bloggers, affiliate marketers, and online businesses.

In this blog post, I will answer the big question of how do I get massive amounts of people looking at my website? The answer is simple: Promotion! Great content with proper SEO is the starting point. The problem with organic search engine traffic is that it takes a long time and some really informative articles just will not rank high enough to generate enough traffic. I cannot stress the importance of Promoting your content. For more information on why Content Promotion is vital to the success of your website, see my post entitled How To Guarantee Your Success With Affiliate Marketing – The 80/20 Rule.

There is an old saying (words if wisdom) among copywriter and successful business owner of old which still applies today, and here it is:

“The secret to building a successful business is Early to bed, early to rise and advertise.”

Online promotion is a form of advertising. There are two types of website promotion methods and they are Free Traffic Generation and Paid Traffic Generation. In this post, I review 27 Free Traffic Generation Techniques. But, I must give you a word of caution: Free Traffic Generation is not free, it requires that you invest a significant amount of time.

So, let’s get started!

massive website traffic

1. Search Engine Optimization

All of your content should be search engine optimized by use of the following:

  • Title Tag – use your best long-tail keywords. Use 50 to 60 characters max.
  • Meta Description is a must.
  • Use your keywords in the first or second sentence.
  • The image above the fold. Alt Tag in the image.
  • Internal links.
  • External links.
  • Embed a video.
  • Build backlinks from authority websites
  • Use Yoast or All In One SEO plugin


2. Share on Pinterest

Pinterest is the best social media platform to promote your blog. Host Gater suggests these 5 was to promote your blog on Pinterest (view the post here).

5 ways to promote your blog on Pinerest

  • Create multiple boards on Pinterest.

  • Post creative images

  • write descriptive copy

  • Focus on timing

  • Engage with your community

3. Share on Twitter

Twitter is an easy social platform to get started on and I find it the easiest of the social platforms to build an audience. Here are my best tips for promoting on Twitter.

  • When you publish a new post, tweet about the post three or four times on the day you hit the publish button.
  • Break your post down into small chunks that you can tweet.
  • Include an image in your tweet.
  • Add relevant hashtags to help people find your tweet.
  • Use a Crowdfire Twitter or Tweepi to build your audience and schedule tweets.

4. Share on Facebook

No promotional effort would be complete without Facebook. Set yourself up for successful Facebook promotion by doing the following.:

  • Create your personal account
  • Create your business page
  • Create a group related to your niche.

5. Share on Instagram

Magnet for Blogging suggests these simple steps to get started.

  1. Connect your Instagram profile to your blog’s or brand’s Facebook page.

  2. Link to your profile from all your other social media profiles.

  3. Mention you’re on Instagram in your marketing videos, vlogs,, and livestream events.

  4. Add your Instagram profile to your outgoing email signature.

  5. Do the same for your email marketing newsletters.

  6. Add your Instagram profile URL to your blog’s author box.

6. Share on Linkedin

Linkedin logo

Wishpond offers these vital tips, I recommend you read this post.

    • Complete Your Profile
    • Build your connections
    • Be active
    • Join targeted groups
    • Create a group
    • Engage your network
    • Writing engaging and interesting content
    • Share blog posts with individuals
    • Follow Linkedin influencers
    • Make sure you have a Linkedin share button on your blog posts.

7. Mention People/Business in your social engagement

Be social, don’t just promote your content. Follow the influencers in your niche and share their social post with a short comment or express your gratitude. They will probably notice and they might even retweet. Sharing influencer’s content gets the attention of influencer followers and increases the likelihood that the followers will repost / retweet.

8. YouTube is the best method for promoting your content

Every website page or blog post should have a video. YouTube is a search engine not just a video sharing platform. YouTube is the number two search engine, second only to Google. This should tell you the importance of video.

  • Any YouTube video that has a Share button can be embedded on your site. Find videos that are relevant to your content and embed it.
  • Better yet, Make your own video. Start by recording your video on your smartphone or laptop camera., click here If you need help to get started with video I recommend Antonine Dupont training click here.

Helpful Hint: Ricky Kesler of IncomeSchool.com has these suggestions for generating traffic on YouTube.

  1. Write a list post. Example: 21 Differences between Class A and Class B motorhomes
  2. Record a video inside your motorhome and discuss 11 differences between Class A and Class B motorhomes.
  3. At the end of your video make your call to action “This is only 11 differences, there are a lot more. Check out my blog post where I share 21 Differences between Class A and Class B motorhomes.  Go to MotorHomes.com/21.  I will include a link in the description below this video, also.”

9. Use Buffer to share your content across several Social Networks

“Buffer is a paid service that allows you to automate the process of publishing new posts on Facebook, Twitter, and several other social networks. You can schedule posts for several days in advance. By doing this, you can control when each post is being published so that you can target your audience all across the globe at the right time. At the time of the writing the starting price is $15 per month.”

10. Join Facebook Groups

Vangie Beal

“Facebook Groups are pages that you create within the Facebook social networking site that are based around a real-life interest or group or to declare an affiliation or association with people and things. With a Facebook Group, you are creating a community of people and friends to promote, share and discuss relevant topics within your niche.”

11. Be active on Reddit

Wikipedia describes Reddit like this”

“Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts and images, which are then voted up or down by others members. Posts are organized by subject into user-created boards called ”subreddits'”, which cover a variety of topics.”

Matt Silverman has a beginner’s guide to get you acquainted with Reddit.

  • Target specific ‘subreddits’ in your niche. Use Reddit’s search feature.
  • You must be an active participant. Reddit hates marketers. Walk on eggshells at first.
  • In order to build trust, you must start off posting in the ‘subreddits’ that you have chosen
  • Patience is the key.

For additional training on the use of Reddit see Neil Patel’s blog post entitled “How to Use Reddit to Get More Traffic and Build Your Tribe

Use Imgur and Reddit together to drive traffic to your blog or website. See number 14.

12. Answer questions on Quora

Quora Logo

For bloggers, Quora is the hidden gem when it comes to driving traffic to your website.

Quora is a question and answer website sort of like Reddit. Anyone can post a question and get answers from the experts in a given niche. Here are several tips to utilize.

  • Perfect place for a blogger to showcase their knowledge
  • You must create a traffic optimized profile. Killer Headline, add your qualifications, tell your story, and link to your blog.
  • Help readers with their problems
  • Quora is a long term traffic source because the reader will see your answers for years to come
  • Establishes you as an authority
  • Builds know, like and trust
  • Readers will look at your profile and click through to your blog
  • BONUS tip: answer questions with a short video. Create a video with your smartphone. Your video does not need to be fancy just simple and to the point.

13. Share in Forums

Lars Lofgren via Quicksprout.com said this about driving traffic to your website using forums:

“Forum marketing might be the most underutilized traffic gereation strategy on the planet. However, simply creating a signature and leaving generic posts isn’t going to get you a tidal wave of traffic.”

Here are his how-to tips on forum marketing.

  • Find forums in your niche that are active. Key into google search bar your niche keyword in quotes + forums, “bass fishing” + forums. You will also want to try your keyword powered by vBulletin, like this “bass fishing” powered by vBulletin.  vBulletin is a software used for creating and managing forums. Another search you should try is “very specific keyword” hot thread with a new post, for example “spinnerbait bass fishing” hot thread new post.
  • When you look at a forum, look at the most recent post info and see when the post was published. You want to see how active the forum is before making an account. If posts have been posted within the last few days that is a good sign, preferably in the last 24 hours.
  • Register to be a forum user. Fill out your screen name carefully. You want your screen name to be your brand or personal name. You want a memorable and branded screen name. Use your brand name or website, like Nike or PhilKnight (if you are the founder of Nike). I usually use TomCaldwellOnline (this is my brand and website URL).
  • Next set up your signature, this is how you are going to drive traffic to your blog or website. In your signature you want to create a benefit-driven all-to-action. Example: Facebook advertising strategies, like me on Facebook now.(embed your Facebook page URL)
  • Now that you have your account and signature set up it is time to get busy and participate in the forum. Check out the different sections on the forum and hang out in the section were the most people viewing. You can also hang out in a section in which you have certain expertise.
  • Click on the thread titles and see where you can add value. Don’t make the mistake of trying to respond to a lot of threads, just comment on the threads where you can actually add value, This is a quality over quantity situation.
  • Stick to the top of the forum section, don’t scroll down very far. Not at many people will see your comment toward the bottom of the thread.
  • When commenting be brief, and to the point and include your keyword interview and title.
  • If you begin to get traffic from a given forum, you need to start your own threads.
  • You can copy and paste content directly from your blog post (which has been indexed by Google) and use it on the forums. You can make a shorter version or add something a little different to make it exclusive for the forum.
  • Remember to add quality to your responses. Quality increases the likelihood of being seen as an expert.

14. Share on Imgur

You may have never heard of Imgur.com, it is an image sharing community and image host, that boosts that it is the easiest way to discover the magic of the Internet. It’s where you’ll find the funniest, most informative, and inspiring images, memes, GIFs, and visual stories severed up in an endless stream of bite-sized fun.

Create images similar to the popular motivational quotes that you see on Facebook and Tumblr. Use curiosity in your images to invite the viewer to read your blog post. Do not include a direct link to the blog post but put a watermark that has your website URL. Here is a picture of a very successful Imgur image with a website URL watermark.

Image from Imgur.com

Problogger shares an excellent Imgur.com strategy of turn your images into an Imgur album and share your Imgur album on Reddit. Here is the article.

15. Put share buttons on all your blog posts

It is no secret that social networks are some of the most popular places on the internet. That is why social media marketing should be a crucial part of your business growth strategy.

The easy way to include social media is to encourage your readers to share your content on their favorite social network. Do this by placing social share buttons at the end of every blog post. There are several WP plugins that will perform this task. I use the Word Press plugin named AddTo Any share button.

16. Reuse content with the Revive Old Posts Word Press plugin

Revive Old Post is a WordPress paid plugin which grows your online presence by automatically scheduling posts from your website to Social Media Networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

However, you can revive old posts yourself without the paid plugin. If you have installed the social share button as suggested in tip number 15. Simply go to one of your blog posts, scroll to the end on the post, click a social network button, and share the post. Repeat the process for each of your posts.

17. Share on Tumblr

Tumblr is both a social media network and a microblogging platform. Tumblr makes it easy to share short text posts, photos, quotes, links, music, videos, etc from any device. Word of caution: 60% of Tumblr users are teens 13 – 19 years old. Depending on your niche, Tumblr may not provide you with traffic that has buyer intent or suitable for your niche.

18. Submit blog posts to Mix (formerly Stumbleupon)

“StumbleUpon is a unique discovery network which allows you to stumble upon a new content of
interest. It is easy to create an account and set up everything, add interests and submit links. Once
you choose a category, you can post an article to it while all the other Stumblers may get your site
loaded on their screens. If you’re lucky (and you have a quality content), people will start to like your
pages, and that means getting even more social shares. Don’t expect instant success, but if you try
hard enough, you might get a decent number of new visits from this impressive network.”


19. Alltop is a news aggregation site to which you may be able to submit your content

Alltop is a very popular news aggregation site that covers just about every niche. Check to see if your content meets the requirements before submitting it. When you prepare content for submission, follow the guideline carefully as the Alltop moderators are very strict with the rules.

20. Submit your website to web directories

Web directories do little to help with backlinks to your site but, they help build traffic and trust with potential visitors. Here are the names of a few web directories: Best of the Web, About Us, Spoke.com and Blogorama. Before you submit to a web directory I suggest that you read the article 21 Web Directories That Still Have Value.

21. Viral Content Bee is a lot of work but, it will be worth the effort

Fitsmallbusiness.com describes Viral Content Bee:

“Viral Content Bee (formerly Viral Content Buzz) is a content marketing platform that enables social media marketers and bloggers to highlight and distribute their best content online. The software works on a credit system, where users earn credits by sharing other’s content so that they, too, can post their own.

22. Use the YouTube Community Tab

Social Media Examiner explains the YouTube Community like this;

“The Community tab gives channels a Facebook page-like experience where creators can post various types of status updates – text, images, links, and GIFs. Subscriber and visitors to the channel can like posts and reply (text only).”

23. Join blogging communities

The Blog Metrics has an excellent post that sheds light on using blogging communities to promote and drive traffic to your website. Click here to read the post.

24. Build an email list

There is an old saying among copywriters and marketers, “The Money is in the List”. I cannot overemphasize the importance of building your email list. Start building your list from day one, do not wait. Set yourself up with an autoresponder service, then create an opt-in page, welcome email, and a sequence of follow up emails. Do not bombard your list with endless sales copy but, instead provide helpful content that answers your reader’s most pressing questions and then occasionally promote an affiliate offer or product or service that you provide.

Here are six important reasons to build and communicate regularly with your list.

  • Email is personal. Who doesn’t like to receive a personal letter from a friend or trusted adviser?
  • Email is purposeful. Done correctly, email builds know, like, and trust.
  • Email is targeted. Your email subscribers will come from your niche.
  • You own your list. Your email list is an asset and cannot be taken away from you. You can even sell your list should you decide to start a new venture.
  • Email is one on one.
  • People check their email several times per day.

25. Give away a freebie to encourage email subscribers

In order to get people to opt-in to your email list you must offer them a bribe. Optin bribes are known as lead magnets.

Here are 9 lead magnets suggested by Smart Blogger:

  • Welcome Email Series
  • Time-saving Cheat Sheet
  • Handy Template
  • All-In-One Tool Kit
  • Persuasive Blue Print
  • Fascinating Case Study
  • Sexy Video Course
  • Bold Manifesto
  • Graphical Giveaway

For additional information, Sleeknote has a must-read article describing the Evergreen Lead Magnet.

26. Use an Autoresponder to communicate with you email list

You may be asking “What is an Autoresponder?” Here is an answer, a series of messages sent out automatically after a person subscribes to your list. These messages typically include a welcome letter and access to the lead magnet, several emails containing additional information, and eventually sales promotions and or content upgrades, membership sites, etc.

In order to use an autoresponder you must employ software that is provided by and email marketing service like Awber, Get Response, Convert Kit, and Mail Chimp. For bloggers I have heard that Convert Kit is a good choice.

I use and recommend the Autoresponder/Page Builder designed especially for affiliate marketers. The price is $25 per month and you can earn $20 per month for each new user that you sign up.  With this unbeatable deal you can build a list of  50,000 subscribers for this low monthly price. Click here to get started now!

If the price is stopping you from building your email list, there is no excuse to not start because Mail Chimp is free up to 2,000 subscribers. Do It Now.

27. Email sequences for your list.

Stay in touch with your subscribers. This is vital. Email them at least once a month after your initial welcome series. Provide value, do not bombard your list with promotional offers.

Here is a short video of Neil Patel explaining how to promote your content for free.


There you have it 27 ways to increase website traffic, visitors, and clicks. Chose one traffic method, learn it, once mastered chose a second and master it. Continue the process as many times as you would like.

Click here for part 2 of the 110 Ways to Increase Website Traffic series.

Now it is all up to you, Take Action Now!

My favorite quote:

“Action takers are money makers.”

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  1. Dave

    Hallo there Tom, 

    This is one of the most insightful posts I have seen on improving website traffic. I just felt I had to comment and say a huge thank you for your efforts. As a person who is new to blogging world, I am seeking new ways to boost  website traffic because it has been running on the low for a long time now which has gotten me a bit concerned, I will be using all the tips you have shared here with all of my posts and see how it works out for me. Thanks a lot for the selflessness. I really appreciate.

    1. Tom Caldwell

      Dave, thank you for the kind words. I am happy that you found value in is training. Stay tuned because I will soon be publishing the Part 2 of this series entitled “110 Ways to Increase Website Traffic, Visitors, Clicks”

  2. Henderson

    Wow, can you really teach up to 110 ways? We shall see then. Tbis is a really nice post to be honest. What every business owner wants is to get customers. Same as online business owners and the only way to that is to get traffic. Giving this ways to get it really awesome. I’m going to keep checking back for the rest of this series. I want to follow to the end. Please keep it rolling and if you’ve written the part 2, please share it in the reply. Thanks.

    1. Tom Caldwell

      Henerson, good to hear from you again. I am working on Part 2 as we speak. I will let you know as soon as it is published.

  3. Tracy

    Hello Tom, this is powerful and the first 27ways majorly focus on getting very socially engaging with the website. Making maximum use of the social media to get more traffic to the website and this is a welcome addition to me since I am very active on social media platforms before, this would be much more easier for me. Also,  giving freebies away for email sign up is also a great strategy and I will incorporate all these so that I can maximize them for.my site. I’m looking forward to the remaining parts. Surely, im certain I would generate more traffic to my site than before after these article

  4. Dane

    Hello Tom, thanks for these wonderful tips. My son opened a YouTube channel some months back, he got and idea of sharing the latest action games and I must commend that  the effort he puts into that idea. But he always complain of few people visiting his channel and this makes him really sad. I believe tese tips would help me with his problems. 

  5. Matt

    Hi Tom,

    I am a beginner for creating and building my own website, so your post of website traffic is a great reference for me. In the past, I used to think when I finished writing an article, my job is done. But, after viewing the index of this article, I found there is still a long way to go but I won’t stop here.

    Among all the social media, I think I just need to master 1-2 of them, right? Since I still have a daytime job, I don’t think my time after work could handle so many social media on this post. So, I would like to know is facebook or Instagram the best start for a beginner to use for its own website?

    1. Tom Caldwell

      Matt, thank you for the comment and question. You are correct, master one traffic source at a time. Once you have mastered that first source, you will want to move to another traffic source and master it. Simple rinse and repeat as many time as you would like. On average two or three traffic sources are all a blogger needs to be successful. To answer your question as to which is better Facebook or Instagram, I think you should just choose the one you feel most comfortable with and take daily action on mastering the platform. There are many helpful training videos and blog post on Wealthy Affiliate that will be able to show you how to master Facebook or Instagram as a traffic source. Tony Hamilton has great training for Instagram, here is the link: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/instagram-training-for-crushing-it-10x-in-2018/a_aid/e8bd5887

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    Thank you so much for sharing such an important and informative post about tom caldwell online training with us. You have informed us about the 110 ways  to increase  website traffic ,visitors, click .I have read the full post. By reading your post it is very clear to me that the purposes of the Tomcaldwell is to help us to build a financially successful online business. Your this content is really very helpful for me because I have learnt that how to make profit by this platform. 

    Thanks again. I’ll definitely share this post with my friends and family so that they also can get the information. 

    1. Tom Caldwell

      Monalisha, thank you for taking the time to read part 1 of my series entitled “110 Ways to Increase Website Traffic, Visitors, Clicks”,  I am happy that you received value from the article. The key to learning is to take action on your new-found knowledge. I encourage to take action. 

  7. Raymond Oickle

    some really good information here, and I have to admit, quite a bit I’ve never heard of before. I’ve just started utilizing both Instagram and Pinterest for my blogs, I had used Pinterest for a POD site I was running.
    The big problem I’m facing is I have no specific niche, when I started my blog it was all just about writing, and I focus mainly on family, friends, and throw a bit of humor in whenever possible. I really have not the slightest idea how to monetize my site other than Adsense… and I’m not having much luck with that at all.
    Anyway, thanks for the info, I’ve bookmarked so I can come back and rack your brains some other time! 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you Raymond for the comment. I appreciate it. My suggestion as to monetizing your blog is: take a look at becoming an Amazon Affiliate. There is a ton of training about becoming an Amazon Affiliate on YouTube. Here is a YouTuber that I trust and his Amazon training: https://youtu.be/6k9tgzyG6dU
      I hope this has been helpful.


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