13 Steps To Build A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

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Do you want to earn income online? If so, you must lay the groundwork before you will begin to earn money. In this article, I will share a detailed outline of the 13 steps that will form the foundation of your online business. I will also cover each step in-depth with a separate video for each individual step.

Success is achieved through a combination of mindset, skillset, and performance.

Online Income Requires only Three Things

  1. Build a list of people that you do not know.
  2. Build a relationship with the people on that list. Send them emails and content that helps them.
  3. Market helpful products to the people on that list.

Three tools that you will need to succeed

  1. A domain name. Example: xyzcompany.com. (preferably a .com)
  2. Page Builder. So you can build a Capture Page and Thank You page.
  3. Autoresponder. So you can send emails to the people on your list.

Step 1 – Mindset is the most important step in building a profitable business

Mindset is defined as the established set of attitudes held by someone.

The first step to building the proper mindset is to decide what success is for you. Everyone’s idea of success is different.

As you contemplate what success is to you, consider the following thoughts:

” A successful affiliate marketing mindset means understanding that it’s not all about the money, that you must add value to sustain a business, and that building a successful business takes time.” -Mark Mason (LateNightIM.com)

Here is a shortlist of mindset characteristics that you will need to cultivate if you do not already possess them. This list is a highlight from a blog post you must read.

  • No fear of failure – Failure is something that should be embraced, not avoided. Coaches and mentors cannot teach you everything necessary for success, no matter how willing they are to see you succeed. You will learn the fundamentals from your mentor/coach but. you are going to figure out the rest by trial and error. “Fail fast, fail often” Learn from your mistakes and try again.
  • It only takes one campaign – No one is counting the number of times you failed. The first winning campaign is the catalyst and tipping point for your success. Just do not quit. Keep learning, keep trying.
  • Get over your fear of losing money – For starters, you must have money to invest in your business (a minimum of $500). Money spent on your business is an investment that will pay dividends in the future If you don’t quit! All successful businesses need working capital until the business starts to generate a profit. You must develop the mindset that you are investing in the future. (risk vs reward). Don’t think of it as losing money, think in terms that you are investing in your business.
  • Be Patience – It will take time for you to learn the necessary skills and knowledge required for success. It takes time for Google to rank your blog posts on page 1. You have to put in the work of creating content and promoting your content and this takes time and patience,
  • No plan B –  The only failures in life are the people who quit. Take daily action, be consistent. “Just do it!”.  Sacrifice the time and do the work. Turn of the TV, YouTube, video games. Say no to your friends when they invite you to a party. Short-term loss for long-term gain. You can take time to relax, party, and celebrate when you are financially independent.

Key takeaway: Don’t get emotional when you fail. You are a scientist collecting data via experimentation. It is said the Thomas Edison the inventor of the light bulb experience 1000 failed experiments before he finally succeeded with the working light bulb. When you try something in your business and it doesn’t work out as expected, think of ways to try something a little different. There is an old saying that goes like this;  “If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again”.

Step 2 – Set your goals

It is critically important for you to set your financial goals and take daily action toward the attainment of those goals.

  • Goals must be specific.
  • Goals must be written.
  • Goals must cause you to step out of your comfort zone.

Step 3 – Decide who you will serve and how you will solve their problem.

You must be crystal clear on who your target audience is and how you help them achieve the results they desire. If you do not have an audience, you will not make sales and you will not earn money! At first set small goals as to how many people in your audience (better known as your tribe.)

Set a goal for 10, then 25, then 50, then 100. Your eventual goal is 1000 raving fans in your tribe. In order to earn 1000 raving fans, you may need an email list of 10,000 more or less. Building an audience/ tribe takes persistence, you will build these numbers over time.

Ideally, a tribe of 1000 dedicated, devoted members will earn you $100,000 per year, based on the fact that each person will buy $100 worth of products or services per year.

Learn the importance of building your tribe in my blog post.

Step 4 – Create a YouTube channel and start making “How To” videos.

Why a YouTube Channel? You must first build an audience and YouTube is the best and fastest way to build your audience. Get started today, There is no time like the present to start than today! Don’t wait, start to develop your skill, and allow time for YouTube’s algorithm to start to work for your channel.

Get your free video recording and editing program here!

Step 5 – Start building your Email List immediately

Your email is your only true asset. If you were to lose your YouTube channel, Social Media following, etc but have your email list you would still be in business. Think of your email list as a property that you own as opposed to renting a property from YouTube or Facebook.

Step 6 – Choose a flagship affiliate product to promote and earn commissions each time someone buys.

Step 7 – Create a simple Funnel

A sales funnel warms up your audience and leads them toward a purchase.

Here is my recommendation for an affordable funnel builder.


Step 8 – Focus on Exposure

Aside from your YouTube channel, choose one platform of promotion and master it. Then add another and master it. Rinse and Repeat. This is where the law of 80/20 comes into play, Spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% promoting your content. There are tons of platforms for you to use for promotion, such as Facebook. Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin,  guest posting, be a guest on podcasts, guest post on a website/blog that has proper SEO, alternative social media (LBRY, Bitchute, MeWe, Webtalk, Minds, Gab), answer questions on Reddit and Quora and their alternatives. Medium.com is a blogging platform where you can repurpose the content that you have previously posted on your own blog.

Read my blog post entitled  Best Free Traffic  Method For Bloggers, Youtubers, & Affiliate  Marketers


Step 9 – Continue to email and convert your audience into paying raving fans

Do this by WOWing your email subscribers with high quality, relevant, value pack content, free gifts, discounts, etc. In every email include a soft sell Call-to-Action that gently encourages your readers to purchase your affiliate offers or your Flagship offer,

Step 11 – Hire help as early as possible

Outsource a video editor.

Outsource a project manager.

Step 12 – Must have tools:

  • Domain Name

    – This is the cheapest place to buy your domain. New.COMs $8.99*

  • Page Builder

    (also known as a funnel builder) used to create your Lead Capture Page and Thank you page.

I recommend this one because it is a ClickFunnels alternative and is much more user-friendly than ClickFunnels.

Easy-to-follow video tutorials guide you every step of the way!

Only $25 dollars per month and ClickFunnels is $97 per month. You save $72 dollars per month and if you decide to promote this funnel builder as an affiliate, you will earn 80%commission each month for the life of your customer.

       What does that mean to you? Get just 2 funnel builder customers and you cover the cost of your funnel builder and make a $15 dollar profit every month.

Get Page Builder Today! Click here.

  • GetResponce

    email management system (Autoresponder) Starts with a free trial and is only $15 per month for your first 1,000 subscribers.

Learn the importance of building your own email list here.

Step 13 – Take Action

  • Purchase the three tools you need, start by creating 1 video per week on YouTube (more than one video per week if you can),
  • Promote it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest,  Quora, Twitter, etc.
  • If you have a blog publish a blog post related to the video and embed the video in your blog post. Promote the blog post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, etc.
  • If you do not have a blog, set up your free blog (see my article here).


You do not have to buy expensive courses from the “Internet Gurus” all you need are the Three Tools.

It is time for you to take action!

Get started today. Join the world’s #1 affiliate marketing training community.

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Stop making excuses and do it now!


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