14 Habits That Make People Dislike You – Self Improvement

From time to time we all need to check ourselves. Check yourself against these 14 habits that make people dislike you.

1. Interrupting others.

2. Humble bragging (pretending to be humble).

3. Name dropping (another form of bragging).

4. Being to nice (be nice but, don’t over do it).

5. Showing dislike of other’s pets ( for many pets are members of the family, you would not like it if someone dislikes your child).

6. Not returning things that have been borrowed.

7. Letting others pay for you frequently.


8. Sharing too much too soon (with people you have just meet or people that you know casually).


9. Emotional Hijacking (not controlling one’s emotions).


10. Being Closed Minded (sincerely listen to the opinions of others, you don’t have to agree. Just be polite).


11. Squinting too much (half closed eyes close off your emotions, open eyes on the other hand signals openness, openness is every like able);


12. Profile picture that are to close up (there is a natural tendency to be put off by photos that are too close up, make sure your photo is close enough to see what you look like but, not to close).


13. Excessive sharing on social media ( the maximum recommended times per day to share is 3. Morning mid- evening).


14. Frequently canceling plans. (If you regularly cancel plans, your friends and family will perceive you as unpredictable and inconsiderate




Do you agree with this list?

Are any that you would add?

Let me know in the comments below.

This information is summary of a YouTube video by BRAIN DOSE entitled “14 Habits that make people dislike you”. If you found value in this information, I encourage you to subscribe to BRAIN DOSE.

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