20 Daily Affirmations to Elevate Your Mind and Your Business

20 Daily Affirmations to Elevate Your Mind Business

I have found these affirmations very helpful in my life and you will too. Affirmations will motivate you, keep your mindset positive, and your outlook on life optimistic. So, I share these affirmations with the hope that you will use them to achieve exceptional results in your life and business.

These powerful affirmations have been graciously provided my Amy Starr Allen

You can use them all or just the ones that speak to you. You
can use them in your meditations or read them when you
wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep. You can
put your favorites on sticky notes and put them on your
bathroom mirror and repeat them to yourself as you brush
your teeth, or hang them around your house, on your
computer screen, or on the dashboard of your car.
Use them in whatever way serves you, as a reminder that you
have big important work to do here, work that you love, and
work that really matters.


1) I make up my own rules.

2) I refuse to play small.

3) My work is important and needs to be shared.

4) I am here on purpose.

5) The world desperately needs what only I can provide, and it would be a huge shame if I didn’t show up every day and provide it

6) I am a magnet to prosperity and all good things.

7) I choose to step into my greatness.

8) I choose to let this be easier than ever before.

9) I refuse to play games and tell stories about how this is

10) I am willing to get out of my own way and to share my
work boldly.

11) I am amazing and my work matters.

12) Everything that I do prospers.

13) My heart is full of love and my desire to make an impact
outweighs my fear.

14) Every single day when I take action, my reach expands
and I am able to help more people.

15) I only see the good in everything that I’m doing.

16) I get paid extremely well when I follow my heart and
speak my truth.

17) Success is my birthright.

18) I radiate love and prosperity in all that I do.

19) The right people are drawn to me when I speak my truth
and share my message authentically.

20) I am not afraid to share my true self with the world.


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