20 Proven Ways To Increase Views On Your YouTube Videos


How To Increase Your YouTube Views

Implement these proven techniques to get more views on your YouTube videos. More views translate into more likes, shares, comments, and subscribers all of which increases the YouTube algorithm love that you receive.

Here is the video tutorial but, if you prefer written instructions just keep reading.


1. Niche down

“What does it mean to ‘niche down’? The dictionary definition of niche is denoting or relating to products services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population. So for your business marketing purposes, niching down means to focus on a small but well-defined segment of the market.”  ~2nomads.org~

(For information about choosing your niche and niching down read my article here.)

2. Make videos about topics that people are searching for

This is where research pays off big time. “Use YouTube autocomplete feature (search bar), this tells you in order of importance the things people are looking for.” ~Nick Nimmin~

Type in an idea such as YouTube tips and you will receive a bunch of quires that people have been searching for.

You can expand on this by typing YouTube tips a YouTube will then list quires beginning with the letter a. an example is YouTube tips and tricks You can further expand upon this by tying YouTube Tips b and so forth using each letter of the alphabet. As an example adding the letter b is YouTube tips Bangla, the letter c returns YouTube tips Channel. (Here is a YouTube video by Nick Nimmin that explains this technique during the first 2 minutes of the video, click here.)

Create videos that provide value to your viewers. That may be teaching them how to do something, help them gain a better understanding of something, or keeping them entertained. If viewers find your video content valuable they will watch longer and return to watch more of your videos. All of which increases your views and watch time which in turn tips the algorithm in your favor.

3. Rank your video on Google

Google believes that video is the best way to answer search queries. When your video ranks you will receive a steady stream of targeted views from Google. Ranking videos in Google is not easy but, it is well worth the time that you invest..

In his Medium.com article, Ryan Stewart provides 8 ranking hacks that will jump-start your rankings in Google search which will in turn get you more views.

  • Hack #1 Video Content – youtube viewers are seeking content to help them solve problems, learn skills, watch cat videos, and waste time. In order to get that automated steam of views, focus your content accordingly. Bottom line: don’t create videos that are crap. Create videos that people want to watch and share.
  • Hack #2 Length of Video – the rationale is simple: the more seconds you can keep a user on your video, the better it will rank. Therefore, having videos with more length will add to the total seconds users spend on your videos. (Don’t make a video longer just for the sake of making it longer because you’ll lose viewers. But you do want to develop your video content with longer videos in mind. In general, videos of 7-15 minutes tend to perform best.)
  • Hack #3  Target longtail keywords and less competitive keywords – here is Must-Have training on keyword research. If you are committed to success on YouTube, it is of utmost importance that you learn and put to use the skill of keyword research, take the time to study this training.
  • Hack #4 Description – Try to write at least a 200 words description. Use synonyms and one-off keywords in your descriptions. Write a different description for each of your videos. Don’t overuse keywords because you can get penalized for keyword stuffing. The best practice is to write out the video transcript and include it in your description.
  • Hack #5 Utilize Playlists – video playlists add an additional layer to the ranking signal to YouTube and Google.
  • Hack #6 Custom Thumbnails – use colors like red, orange, and green in your thumbnail. You can create your custom thumbs at Canva.com for free.
  • Hack #7 Leverage Social Media – Google takes into account the relevance of your content and how it relates to search queries.  The best way for the search engines to measure relevance is by measuring how many Shares, Likes, and Tweets you get. Therefore, if you want your video noticed by Google you need to get your video on social networks.
  • Hack # 8 Dress Up Your Channel Page – YouTube sees channels without a profile picture, header, description, and links as Spam. Here are the best practices: add your social media links, SEO optimize your channel images, subscribe to similar channels, and add a long description in your About section using a lot of synonyms keywords.

4. Get traffic to your videos using Quora and Medium

Create an account, optimize your profile with a picture, your qualifications, your YouTube channel link, and a link to your website. Then post relevant content according to your niche. Once you build a reputation of being a helpful contributor, the readers of your content will visit your profile and some will click on your YouTube channel link or your website link. Posting videos in your content on Quora and Medium will greatly boost your view engagement and translate into YouTube views to your videos.

5. Embed your video in relevant blog posts

If you do not already have a blog style website I highly recommend that you create one today and post each of your YouTube videos with a transcript of the video. You can create a free blog on Blogger.com and if you don’t want to take the time to transcribe your video, pay someone from Fiverr to do it for you.

Videos embedded in a blog post, on social media, and on forums do count as backlinks according to Unamo.com.

6. Use End Screens and Cards to promote your related videos.

YouTube CreaterAcademy defines End Screens as “…a powerful tool which can help extent watch time on your channel by directing viewers to something new at the end of your video.” End Screens can be added to the last 5-20 seconds of a video and allow you to promote up to four elements.

Bitable.com describes YouTube Cards as “…the interactive cards you see in YouTube videos (usually at the end) that let creators share clickable links to relevant content throughout a video. You can add up to five cards to each video and you can use cards in any video.”

7.Grab “Key Moments” in Google by adding timestamps

Key Moments are triggered by timestamps in your YouTube video description.

For more information about utilizing Keymonets visit this article:  How To Make The Most Of Video Timestamp Results In Google Search.

8. Publish videos during the time when your audience is most active

Here is how to determine the best time and day to publish videos. Go to YouTube Studio > Analytics > Audience and then look for the “When your viewers are on YouTube” report. From this report, you can determine your audience’s prime time (the best hour and best day that you get the most views).

Upload your video (in private) a few hours before publishing. This will give plenty of time for your upload to finish.
Publish your video 2 hours before your audience’s prime time. Publishing 2 hours earlier than your audience’s prime time gives YouTube time to index and analyze your video, and potentially suggest it to more people. This will also get you extra views that you would have missed if you had posted later.

9. Use YouTube tags

YouTube says that your video’s title, thumbnail, and description are more important than tags. However, is it a best practice to include tags on the off chance that tags may get you more engagement. Just don’t spend a lot of time on tags (5 to 10 minutes max).

Here is a simple formula that I found on Afrefs.com that will help you decide which tags are correct for your video.

  • use your primary target keyword as your first tag.
  • in subsequent tags include 3 or 4 relevant keywords but don’t keyword stuff. Do not exceded 300 characters total for your tags.
  • Don’t mislead people (trick people into thinking the video is about something that it is not). This is a violation of YouTube’s spam policy. Don’t use celebrity’s names, competitor’s names, or irrelevant keywords (for example: Don’t use “McDonalds” if your video is about “Burger King).
  • Don’t use tags in your video description.

Basically, don’t go overboard with tags.

10. Piggyback off viral trends

Neil Patel suggests going to Google.com/trends, type in keywords and phrases within your niche, and Google will show you what’s popular now. On the Google Trends homepage, you can see what’s going viral right then.

Also, go to Buzzmo.com and type in keywords related to your niche. You will see the most popular content to go viral. Take the top viral pieces, and put a different spin on the videos you create.

Another thing you can do is spy on your competition in order to gain inspiration from topics that are doing well for them. Don’t copy what they are doing that is copyright infringement or plagiarism and you can be sued, fined, and serve jail time.


11. Use Guest YouTubers

Contact YouTubers who have complementary channels and ask for a collaboration. You promote their channel in one or more of your videos and they do the same for you. For instance, if your niche is dog grooming you could contact channel owners whose niche is dog training or dog treats. Of course, you would not approach your competitors.

12. Be engaged with your viewer comments

Spend the first two hours after you publish a video responding to comments and in the future revisit comments from time to time and address the comments. Word of warning: you may experience “trolls” who leave mean and inappropriate comments. It comes with the territory,  you have to develop a think shin. Just remember “a negative comment or a thumbs down is all the same to YouTube and helps establish engagement. Engagement helps get your videos suggested to more people.

13. Link to your video channel or individual videos in your Social Media profile descriptions.

This type of cross-promotion can be very effective for sending traffic to your videos and increase views.

14. Share your videos in Niche related communities and social bookmarking sites and forums

Post on Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Twitter, and Reddit. An easy way to find Forums is to Key into Google your niche+forums this will return a whole bunch of forums. Look for up to date activity, join and begin to contribute helpful content, Link to your YouTube channel in your profile.

15. Install a “Subscribe” button on your blog/website

Get the instructions for installing a YouTube subscribe button on your website here.

16. Use Giveaways within your video to encourage viewer engagement.

Include the details of the giveaway in the description of your video. Just be careful and abide by the YouTube rules. Post on social media about your YouTube giveaways and encourage people to watch your video for details.

17. Do more of what works

Wholewhale.com suggests: “You can tell in the Youtube analytics where your traffic is coming from, say for instants that Twitter is sending great traffic to your YouTube playlist. Maybe you can reach out to the person that shared it. You can also double your efforts to promote the videos on your channel or make more playlists.”

18. Promote your videos on YouTube search ads

YouTube ads require money so this is not for everyone however, it is best to begin to run ads as soon as your budget allows. Once your YouTube channel has grown enough to start earning Ad Revenue consider investing a portion of your Ad Revenue to promote your channel. This practice will pay dividends and grow your channel much faster.

When you are ready to begin placing ads I suggest that you hire a professional rather than waste money trying to run the ad campaigns yourself. Contact Neil Patel or Antonie Dupont they are the best in the industry.


19. Make your video emotional on some level

Do your best to connect with your viewer on an emotional level. They need to feel “oh my gosh that made such an impacted on me, that I want to share it!”

Also, don’t be afraid to embrace Shock Value. Shock Value is defined by Wikipedia as the potential of an image, action, or another form of communication that provokes a reaction of sharp disgust, shock, anger, fear, or similar negative emotion”. Shock value is not 100% needed but, it certainly helps, so use it to your advantage if possible.

20. Above all Be Patient

Very few successful YouTube channels shot up to the top overnight.


As you can see increasing views on a video is work. Research reveals that 80% of your time should be spent promoting your video and 20% of your time creating videos.

This is contrary to the conventional wisdom that states that you should make videos every day (crappy videos posted every day will not help your channel).

ACTION is the key to increasing views and building a successful and profitable YouTube channel.

So, get out there and put into ACTION the things you have learned in this blog post!

One More Thing:

Do me a favor and visit my YouTube channel, watch a video, like, comment, share, and subscribe. I would greatly appreciate it and you will help others find my videos and content as well.


Sources:  2nomads.org, youtube.com/user/NiclNimmin, Medium.com, bitable.com, neilpatel.com, buzzmo.com, wholwhale.com, wikipedia.com, wealthyaffiliate.com, searchenginejournal.com


Disclaimer: Some of these links go to one of my websites and some are affiliate links where I’ll earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


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