25 Places To Get Hundreds of Leads For You Business

Think outside the box

When it comes to generating leads for your business – think outside the box. Here are 25 places to attract leads/traffic to your website, funnel, sales offers, plus 2 bonus places! The idea here is to use multiple free offer opt-ins on several platforms. This will help you appeal to the correct audience.

1. Free Offer Opt-in to your email list

There are a lot of ways to get traffic to your website or offers. None of them are cheaper or more effective than email. That’s the bottom line. If you are not aware of the importance of building your own email list, check out my blog post entitled Email Marketing is Still Alive and Well in 2020.

The key to generating free leads for your business is to offer a free gift to each person who Opt-in to your email list. If you need ideas on what to offer as your Free Offer Opt-in, I have written a quick-read list of 25 Opt-in Ideas For Growing Your Email List.

eMail Opt-In Form

“The money is in the follow-up.”

It doesn’t matter if you build an email list of 10,000 subscribers if you do not follow up with them, Provide quality how-to information that they are looking for and include a subtitle call to action buying signal in each email.

You will need two tools for generating leads and converting leads to sales.

2. Utilize a website pop-up

that appears 30 seconds after a website visitor lands on your site.

exit pop up

3. Facebook group posts

Make a Free Offer opt-in post within your Facebook group.

Facebook post with email opt-in

4. Facebook group description

Include a Free Offer opt-in within your Facebook description.

5. YouTube video description

Be sure to include a free offer opt-in in your YouTube descriptions. This will allow you to monetize your videos.

Write a compelling YouTube description

6. Website “About” section

Every website “About” page should have a free offer opt-in. If you do not have your own website or blog. Create 2 free websites. No technical experience necessary. If you can use email and surf the web, you can 2 profit ready websites here!

7. Middle and End of each blog post

Always place a free offer opt-in within your blog post, middle, and end.

Use Canva to create a graphic that clicks through to your email sign up funnel or WordPress opt-in page.

8. Website Middle Side Bar

Should contain a free offer.

Side Bar Opt-in example

9. Website Top Menu

Great place foe a free offer sales page.

Website Tp Menu Free Offer Opt-in

10. Have an “Exit” pop-up

that appears when your website visitor tries to exit. Offer exceptional value in exchange for their email address.

Example of an website exit pop up

11. Static Website “Home” page

Your home page need a free offer op-tin that provides value to your website visitors and gets them on your email list.

Example of a website clickable home page

12. Make Several Pinterest Pins

that offer a Freebie for opting-in to your email list.



13. Personal and Business Pinterest Bios

need a free opt-in offer.

14. Create free offer opt-in Instagram posts

Instagram Bio example

15. Instagram Bios, both personal and business

should contain a free offer link to your funnel.

16. Include an opt-in offer graphic on your Twitter cover photo.

Use Canva to create the graphic.

17. Offer free value-packed opt-in on your Twitter post

18. Twitter Bios both personal and business

Of course, by now you know to include a free opt-in.


19. Facebook posts need occasional

free offer opt-ins.

20. Pin a post to the top of your Facebook group

that offers free exclusive content via an email opt-in.

Pin a post top of Facebook page

21. Include a free offer opt-in on your Facebook cover photo

22. Don’t forget about your Facebook group “About” section.

23. Your Quora profile should link to a free opt-in

24. Same with your Reddit.

25. Linkedin profile should have a free opt-in for valuable information on your niche.

Linkedin logo

26. BONUS: Click Here to discover the easiest way to schedule your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin posts.

27. Start your own Facebook Group and offer a niche related value-packed opt-in to capture email subscribers.

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