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5 Steps To Build A Tribe of 1000 True Fans

Are you an affiliate marketer? Here is good news: You do not need millions of customers to earn a full-time affiliate marketing/ online income. In this post, you will learn how to earn $100,000 per earn with a tribe of 1000 devoted fans. At the end of this post, I will give you step by step instruction on how to build a 1000 fan base on Instagram.

1000 True Fans Jango Longhurst

1000 Devoted Fans = $100,000 per year Formula

Kevin Kelly is well-known for his theory of 1000 True Fans and his theory has been proven time and time again.

This is the theory in a nutshell as is applies to Affiliate Marketing:

You don’t need a million dollars or a million customers to earn a comfortable living. You only need 1000 true devoted fans. This is how it works. If you can build a tribe of 1000 devoted blog/email subscribers who will buy $100 per from year from your affiliate links, you will earn $100,000 per year. (1000 x $100 = 100,000).

What Is a True Fan

A true fan is defined as someone who will purchase anything and everything you produce. In the case of affiliate marketing, a true fan would be someone with which you have developed know, like and trust relationship with your niche expertise. A true fan trusts you so much that they will buy anything that you believe in and recommend that they buy.

So you have your blog going you have several niche related posts and you are posting on a regular basis. You have a pre-sale page dedicated to your number one recommended product or service. You have a free give away and an opt-in page to build your email list with an autoresponder service. Include a Thank You email that includes a no brainier low priced, high-quality product (that turns subscribers into buyers) follow up with an autoresponder sequence that offers additional help.

Now it is time to go to Instagram and start to build your 1000 fan tribe.

1000 Fans in 90 Days

If you are willing to devote a couple of hours per day for the next 90 days, you can build an Instagram following of 1000. They will not all be devoted true fans, but it is a start towards your ultimate goal of 1000 true fans. You must nurture them with value-packed, quality content. Woo them with free content that can help them solve their problem. Survey to discover pressing problems and address those problems with solutions.

Instagram Strategy

To gain 1000 followers in 90 days this is how the math works:

1000 / 90 = 12 per day on average. Some days will be less, some days will be more as the momentum begins to take effect.

The best number to strive for in 84 per week (90 days = 12 weeks).

Follow 12 #hash tags per day, leave 10comments/likes on each one of the 12 #hash tags. Leave comments in a conversational tone, give helpful information, links to blogs post that is helpful. (don’t just post a few emojis).

You can’t be lazy – You have to put in the time and energy. You can complete this daily task in an hour or two.

This is a proven technique that Adam Ivy shares in one of his YouTube videos. Watch the entire video for the complete details>


There you have it. A proven method of gaining 1000 Instagram followers in 90 days. Get started today, Do the work. Stay in touch with them. Survey to find their pain points. Publish quality content to help them elevate their pain (help them solve their problems). Build know, like, and trust with plenty of free help, Get them hooked and when the time is correct offer a paid solution and your true devoted fans will buy. Continue to nurture and they will buy again and again.


For additional information on building you 1000 true fans, I recommend Jongo Longhurst’s book entitled:

1000 TRUE FANS the beginner’s guide to earning a living using the 1000 true fans model.

Jongo’s book is available on Amazon, Kindle and everywhere books are sold.

Another valuable resource is Meera Kothand’s book;

Your First 100: How to Get Your First Repeat Customers (Loyal, Raving Fans) Buying Your Digital Products Without Sleazy Marketing orĀ  Selling

Here is a link to Meera.

Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment expressing what you think. Let me know how I can help you achieve your affiliate marketing goals.

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