7 Hacks To Get Start Making Money Online

Affiliate Marketing

How to Start from Scratch

1. Establish a BRAND

Learn something new and teach it to your chosen audience.

Use these platforms to share your knowledge.

     a.WordPress Blog

Publish at least once a week.

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     b. YouTube

Provide value and always include a “Call-to-Action”.

(200 – 400-word script).

Create a video and upload at least once a week (more often is better).

2. Build a List

Use an email management system.

I recommend this one.

Your email list is the ONLY way to build PASSIVE income.

3. Do Product Reviews

Learn how to create and earn money via Product Reviews.

4. You must Track everything

Use Google Console.

This video shows you how easy it is to set up tracking.

Set up Google Console

5. Use Content Distribution Network

What is a Content Distribution Network? Wikipedia has the answer click here.

Content Distribution

6. Give out a Bonus to your buyers

a. Use form.

b. Email your buyers and say

“Save your order I.D. and email it to me and I will deliver your Bonus.

7. Promote Multiple Products

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Now you know how to earn money online, TAKE ACTION.



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