Beginners Here’s How To Create Your Free Blog

beginnes's guide to creating a free blog

This blog post reveals how beginners are creating a free blog using this secret high quality, high speed, state-of-the-art website builder. Best of all this platform is user-friendly and provides the beginner with step-by-step instructions. I have used several websites hosting services in the past and none compare to the support and website uptime.

I have been trying to figure out this make money online business for years, spent thousands of dollars, and wasted hundreds of hours, and never made a dime until I finally crack the code.

The sole purpose of my website and YouTube channel is so that you can learn and put into action the necessary steps to earn money online without wasting time and money.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer written instructions, just keep reading.

How to create your free beginner blog website

Simply go to the website builder using my link:

Create your free training account by entering your details.

Once your account is set up, jump to Lesson 4 and follow the step-by-step instructions

I recommend that you complete all the lessons in order beginning with Lesson1- Getting Rolling but if you are pressed for time and the moment you can skip to Lesson 4 – Build Your Own Niche Website.

Your starter membership will last 7 days and you will have to decide whether to go premium.

How can I create a free blog and make money?

You will have your free blog up and running in a few minutes and as you complete the free training you will optimize your blog with maximum money-making capability,


  • Easy step-by-step training for the beginner
  • Access to all 50 Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses
  • Access to all 70 Affiliate Bootcamp Courses
  • Weekly LIVE classes on various topics to enhance your success
  • Ability to create your own training tutorials (After 3 Months) and be paid for it
  • Your own affiliate blog, like this one, that gets quick indexing into Google
  • Free access to the powerful Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
  • Build all of your websites within 1 minute without programming them yourself
  • Ability to build and host 25 WordPress websites on your own domain for no extra cost
  • Ability to build and host 25 WordPress websites on the Free SiteRubix subdomain
  • Access to over 3,000 WordPress website themes and 50,000 add on plugins
  • Free SSL Certificates for better encryption on websites with your own domain
  • Ability to purchase domain names from within the WA platform
  • 24/7 community support
  • 24 hours, 365 days per year direct access to Technical Support
  • Help and support from close to a million WA world-wide community members
  • SiteProtect to give full protection against comment spam without the use of a plugin
  • Virus and malware protection for safer websites
  • SiteSpeed increases the loading speed of all your website pages and posts
  • Easily learn about SEO, Search Engine Optimization
  • Learn the importance of Social Media Marketing
  • Have problems creating your content? SiteContent makes content creation easy.
  • Grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checkers within SiteContent
  • Access to 1,000,000+ free to use images from Pixels, Pixabay, and Unsplash
  • Earn 100% more than free starter members in the free WA Affiliate Program.

That may seem like a lot, but the two dozen benefits listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. You get so much more and it will not cost you more than the $49.00 / month premium membership fee. Plus your first month of premium is only $19.00, a great way to start your success.

If you want to make money online, don’t be afraid to invest in your business.

Click here to get started with Premium.



Create your new blog website on this recommended platform. Using the beginner-friendly step-by-step instructions.

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