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We just wanted to provide you with some insight into the quality of the hosting platform you have full access to here as a Premium member.

The Managed WordPress hosting you have access to here at WA is matched by very few hosts in the industry in terms of quality, security, speed, and support. It definitely is not a budget host like the other shared hosting companies out there. The hosting you get here at WA exceeds the quality of even top-tier, $250 per month hosting packages.

If you want to read more about this you can do so here:

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You can host up to 25 of your own domains and 25 free websites on your Premium hosting platform here at WA. This is a total of 50 websites.

We recently rolled out our “Free SSL for ALL” platform so all of your websites can now be fully encrypted with your own SSL certificates with the toggle of a button.

It’s instant, it’s fast and it is free.

As the Internet moves forward in the year ahead, it is going to be absolutely essential to have SSL on your sites for rankings in Google and other search engines as it is now part of the ranking algorithms.

These are typical $50 per year per website but are included absolutely FREE with all of the websites that you host at WA. If you have 25 domains, that is a value of $1,250 per year alone (if you were hosting your websites elsewhere).

We have some of the brightest minds working on developing and advancing the hosting platform here at WA at a pace MUCH faster than the industry. We know WordPress, we know hosting, we know security, we know speed, and we simply understand technology. You are in safe hands here at WA.

You also get access to our Premium 24/7/365 hosting support. Unlike other hosts, you are getting access to server administrators (not help desk) where they can get to the root of any hosting problems you have with incredible efficiency.

Just thought we would give you a perspective. If you were using the platform here at Wealthy Affiliate for the hosting alone, you could expect to pay no less than $250 per month (minimum) elsewhere for all of the features that you get included with your Premium membership. 🙂

We care about you. We care about quality. We care about your success.


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