How Making Money Online Works – Beginner’s Guide

Make Money Online - Beginners Guide

In this blog post, you will the 6 Steps to earn money online with a combination of content marketing and affiliate marketing.

Learn how to make money online even if you are a beginner. Use this 6 Step Method to begin earning money without wasting thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to figure out everything on your own.

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Let me ask you a question

What do you must want out of life?

  • Do you want time freedom to spend more time with family and friends?
  • Do you want financial freedom that will allow doing to build the life of your dreams?.
  • Do you have a burning desire to own your ideal home, drive a favorite car?
  • Do you want to travel to places that you can visit now because of the lack of time and financial resources?
  • Do you want to pursue hobbies?
  • Do you want to stay at home and raise your children?
  • Do you have a burning desire to help mankind in a way close to your heart?
  • WHAT DO YOU DREAM OF? Take a moment to Dream Big! Set goals and take action.

Everything that you desire is possible when you learn to earn money online and use that money to build the life of your dreams!


Here is a summary of the Step-By-Step Method that will set you free to have time and freedom to do whatever you want.

Step1. Build a Tribe.

Step 2. Provide valuable content.

Step 3. Get eyes on your content.

Step 4. Suggest helpful Products Services and Software.

Step 5. Collect the money.

Step 6. Download the done-for-you business in a box

Quick Story

There was a guy named Tom who wanted to earn money online so that he could provide more for his family, gain time freedom by quitting his job and use his online income to build the life he dreamed about and do the things he loved with family and friends, provided the health care that his wife needed and spend more time enjoying his hobby of kayak fishing with his three grandsons.

Tom wanted his time and money freedom so bad that he:

  • watched hundreds of hours of YouTube videos about making money online, Tom got information overload and did not know where to begin so he procrastinated.
  • So, he decided to start buying courses, training, and products from the Online Marketing Gurus. The Gurus promised that if Tom bought the product, completed the training he would beginning making the money he so desperately desired,
  • But, after years of frustration, and thousands of wasted dollars, Tom realized thaT the Gurus did not truly want Tom to make money, they simply wanted Tom to continue to buy the Guru’s latest greatest product. and do so over and over again.
  • Then one day Tom met Mike and Paul. Mike and Paul are multi-millionaires, who sincerely wanted to help Tom and others begin to make money online.
  • Mike and Paul shared with Tom the tips, techniques, principles they used to build their fortune ( the tips, techniques and principles that the Gurus never revealed).
  • Now Tom earns more money in a day than he did in a week at his job. Tom is now in control of his finances and time. He no longer has a boss that controls his time and money


==>THE MORAL OF THIS STORY IS THAT YOU CAN DO THE SAME!  You can implement the 6 Step Method explained in this blog and video and use the money that you earn online to build the life that you dream of! <===


Okay, let’s dive into the 6 Step Earn Money Online Method

I assume that you already have a niche/interest that you want to pursue (idea, hobby, expertise, passion, interest, ministry).

If you have not chosen your niche yet I have created a blog post the will allow you to decide on your niche in 24 hours or less. Click here to read How To Choose Your Niche 

Step 1- Build A Tribe (audience)

This is the secret that the online Gurus don’t tell you! Read my blog post  5 Steps To Build A Tribe Of 1,000 True Fans

You can have the best, prettiest, lastest tech-filled website BUT, if no one is visiting your website, you will never make any sales and never earn any more.

This is why building an audience is the most important place to start.

In order to build an audience, you have Two Chooses to use:

1. FREE method– takes time and patience

You must put yourself out there on the internet and create free content that people in your chosen niche/interest are looking for. Answer questions, teach them something, entertain them.

You will put your content on social media, YouTube, Redditt, Quora, Medium, etc.

Use a lead magnet and opt-in form to collect email subscribers. Email your subscribers on a regular basis. In your emails include valuable free content, free offers, and suggest helpful products, services, and software that will help your audience get what they want.

2. PAID method – takes money

Don’t waste time and money trying to figure out how to use paid advertising. You must hire an advertising expert to run Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, Google, and Bing ads.

If you want to use paid advertising contact these advertising experts: Antone Dupont  or Neil Patel,

Step 2 – Provide Valuable Content

Here is where the work begins. You must pour your heart and soul into helping your audience get what they want.

Create the content on your blog, YouTube channel, answer questions on Quora, Redditt, Medium.

How a complete tutorial on how to create click here.

Step 3 – Get Eyes On Your Content

Like I said earlier “If no one is visiting your content you will not earn money.”

I recommend creating a YouTube channel, answer questions on Quora by creating videos, post blog posts on Medium.

Set up accounts on the social media platform that your ideal customer frequent and share your videos and content there.

Email your list each time that you create a video and or blog post.

Step 4 – Suggest Helpful Products, Services & Software

This is where you begin to make money. Suggest only products, services, and software that will truly benefit your audience.

See if the products, services, and software that you use have an affiliate program, sign up as an affiliate, and suggest people within your audience buy via your affiliate link.

You may want to suggest Amazon products if you chose to join the Amazon Associate program. Word of caution: Amazon pays some of the lowest commission in the affiliate marketing industry.

Don’t SPAM your audience with affiliate links! Simply include a P.S. in your emails that include a recommendation.

Do product reviews on products, services, and software that will allow your audience to solve a problem, perform a task with less effort, etc.

Step 5 –  Collect The Money

As you build your audience with helpful content and product recommendations people will begin to purchase the products that you suggest and you will earn a commission on each purchase.



!. Build a list of people you do not know.

2. Build a relationship with those people via email, social media, YouTube, Quora, and Medium.

3. Promote to your list helpful products, services, and software that you are an affiliate for.

4. Earn commissions each time someone buys from your affiliate links,

5. Use your online income to build the life of your dreams.

Now you know the steps that all successful online marketers use to make money online.

Step 6 – Download the done-for-you business in a box

If you are serious about making money online.

Then take the next step!

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