How To Build A Websites For Free

Are you looking for a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to build a website and then implement affiliate marketing so you can begin to earn money? Then look no further. In this article you will learn about the online community in which you can build 2 websites for free, no technical skills needed. It is possible for anyone with basic computer skills (email and web surfing) to build a website. No need to hire expensive computer programmers to build and maintain your website. The name of this educational community is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is the all-in-one solution where you can get started for free. When you become an Wealthy Affiliate member you will receive many benefits. Some of these benefits are extensive training, 24/7 support, state-o-the-art hosting, domains and everything you need to get your money making website up and running on the internet in one day.


Earn from 550+ MILLION Products- There is literally an unlimited number of products that you can promote to earn money on the internet.When you become an Wealthy Affiliate member you will learn to promote products via Amazon, Commission Junction, Clickbank, E-junkie and PayDotCom, Google Absence, sell advertising space on your website directly to business and many, many more methods to generate income. You may even promote Wealthy Affiliate if you want.

  • AsTwo FREE Profit Ready Websites – When you become member of the Wealthy Affiliate community, 2 Free websites are included in the free account. Once you build your 2 free websites and experience the joy of success you may want to become a Premium Wealthy Affiliate Member where you will receive exclusive feature like weekly live training, 300 hours of training from experts, online entrepreneur certification (50 lessons), Affiliate Bootcamp training (70 lessons), incredible catalog of member generated training, 12 classrooms on specific topics that are ever evolving, earn revenue creating your own training modules, your own WA member blog and many more benefits.
  • Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing Training – The training models contain in depth instruction containing both video and text, easy to complete, ideal for the beginner. For the more experienced affiliate marketer there are hundreds of advanced training.
  • Live, 24/7 Coaching – The friendly members and professional staff are always there when you need help. Generally speaking you will receive the answers to your questions with minutes if not in seconds.
  • Join Over 1.4 Million Entrepreneurs- 1.4 million and growing happy Wealthy Affiliate members can’t be wrong. Join with confidence. Start your Free Member Today, click the start button. Start Today

Additional Services Available At Wealthy Affiliate

Why waste time, energy and money searching the internet for the tools you need. Wealthy Affiliate is truly a “one stop shop”, offering all the tools you need, in one convenient location and at competitive prices.


Hosting – State of the Art hosting service +Word Press + free SSL certificate, fast loading times 1.3 seconds, double hosting is unique to Wealthy Affiliate (if or some reason your website goes down, we have a “mirror” of your website running at all times that we will swap in, instantly. Security is priority, using several layers that shield you websites and keep them secure (27,195,900 hacking attempts blocked in the past year).

Our Managed Word Press Hosting takes daily snapshots of your website through daily backups. If you ever mess things up, we can help get you website back up and running (this is an advanced service that very few hosts offer, but comes standard with Wealthy Affiliate Hosting).

Dare To Compare Wealthy Affiliate Managed Hosting To Any Other Company


Websites – You start with 2 FREE websites and as you grow your business and income you might want to expand. The Premium memberships offer a total of50 websites, 3,000+ beautiful website designs, 51,973 free website feature extensions you can use to ENHANCE your websites.


Domains – A domain is a web address like, Wealthy Affiliate are competitively priced. Why go elsewhere to purchase a domain name. Simplify your life, get all your tools in one place.

Weekly LIVE Interactive Classes Each and every week we offer Live Class training from industry experts. Jay, the lead trainer in the live classes, is going to blow your mind and advance your skill sets on a weekly basis with insights into new, and bleeding edge strategies.

Classrooms, Evolving Daily (12 Classrooms )We have the most diverse subset of training in the world. There are MANY ways in which you can build a business and monetize it online. From e-commerce, drop shipping, local marketing, Absence, Facebook ads, SEO, pay-per-click, email marketing, lead generation, etc. All of these topics are going to be covered within the classrooms and throughout the platform at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you don’t see the training you are looking for, simply request it. An expert within the community will build it!

Your Revenue Sources Are Unlimited.

598,500,000 Products YOU Can Instantly Sell.

Once you have traffic, you need to “make money” from this traffic. This is the fun part. Without spending a dime, you can promote all the top brands in the world through affiliate programs.When you become an Wealthy Affiliate member, you’ll learn how you can choose from close to 600 MILLION products/services and easily promote them on your website. No inventory. No shipping. No need for you to provide support- support will be provided by the product creator.


Trust me I have spent years and thousands of dollars trying to figure out this ‘earn money online thing’. The easiest and simplest way to start is to get your education, tools and services all in one place. Wealthy Affiliate is the all in one place. Why not get started today. You can learn to build a website and get it up on the internet within 30 minutes with Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t procrastinate, do it now! CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW:


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10 comments on “How To Build A Websites For Free

  1. John

    This looks like a great opportunity to get 2 websites for free!
    In fact, after reading through your post, It seems like Wealthy Affiliate has an enormous amount to offer other than just the 2 free websites!
    Looks awesome!

    1. admin Post author

      John, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. You are correct Wealthy Affiliate has an enormous amount to offer. In addition to the 2 FREE websites, we offer Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing Training, Live, 24/7 Coaching, Earn From 550+ Products and much much more, Join over 1.4 Million Satisfied Entrepreneurs by following this link

  2. Henderson

    Great blog post here…when j first heard of wealthy affiliate it looked too good to be true. The fact that you can get free websites for free is top notch…It’s saves the stress of going to buy domains that can be outrageously expensive. I will be sure to share this post with friends who is willing to join…I just joined recently and I am learning currently on how to build websites…it’s fabulous

    1. Tom Caldwell

      Thank you, Henderson. So glad you are a Wealthy Affiliate member. My advice is to study the training, do the suggested actions, stay focused, be patient and “just do it”. Success will come to you in due time. What do you want to accomplish, what are your goals with your website?

  3. Igor

    Hi Tom!

    Excellent article. Congrats! Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform, educational source, and an outstanding community! I love to chat, create and engage daily on this amazing, unique platform.

    I have created one website using the WA platform and hosting. As soon as I start receiving a significant number of visitors I will consider creating another one. It is a perfect place to be because of all the features you get at WA. 

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post!

    Wish you massive success.

    WA Premium Member
    Active contributor

    1. Tom Caldwell

      Igor, thank you for the comment. I wish you great success with your website. What niche does your website focus on? 

  4. Linda Cooper

    Amongst all the dross and various scams that abound it is good to have at least one that stands out and offers a good honest deal. Web hosting alone can be expensive  for one website, let alone the 50 offered here. 

    Good training is hard to come by too. There are so many that offer it for a large sum and don’t deliver. The carrot is constantly dangled just out of reach for more and more money.

    Nice to see a site that offers a free sign up and a chance to try before you buy.

    Good informative pot, thank you.

    1. Tom Caldwell

      Linda well said. Thank you for taking your valuable time to share this insightful comment. To your Success, Cheers.

  5. Stuart

    Having read a large number of articles on Wealthy Affiliate, even done my own review, have to say that this is the best that I have read so far, it is totally awesome, very well done on a thoughtful and very in depth review, which has left absolutely nothing out.

    Anyone reading this is has never heard of Wealthy Affiliate, would be hard pressed to ignore this and the offer of two free websites, it would surprise me if you do not have a lot of people having a look.



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