How To Choose Your Niche For Affiliate Marketing

Learn how to choose a niche based on a combination of yuor interest and profitability. When the question is asked “How do I choose a niche for my Affiliate Marketing blog?”, the conventional wisdom states “Choose a niche that you are passionate about.” I do not agree.

What if you choose as your niche the hobby of raising grasshoppers for fun and profit”?You may super passionate about raising grasshoppers. As an Amazon affiliate you will offer all the necessary tools to your potential customer.  So, that you can earn a commission from each product that they buy.

You may spend a year filling your blog with your heartfelt, passionate content which contains your affiliate links.

Then only to find out that there is only a hand full of people in the world who are interested in raising grasshopper and the majority are 6 years old boys.

How much money do you think you will make? 0f course that would not be a profitable niche. Most 6 year old boys do not have money to buy any of the necessary tools that you will want to offer.

What is a Niche?

A niche is an audience that has a certain interest in common. For example fishing, Golfing, investing in the stock market.


What is a Profitable Niche?

A profitable niche will consist of not only people who share a common interest but, who also have the financial ability to buy products and services related to that common interest.


Passion vs Profitability – Profitability is the Secret

Would you rather follow your passion and choose an obscure niche that has a small audience, who may not be willing to pursue a said passion? Or, would you be willing to choose a niche that has a mass appeal for people who have a burning desire to spend money within that niche?

Paul Scrivens of the website says:

“I do think you can make money in almost any niche that you decide to enter. However, some niches are a LOT easier to build an audience and make money with than others.”

Basically, the point I am trying to make here is this:  Choose a niche that you have an interest in but, not necessarily a passion. Let me put it another way, choose a niche that has already proven to be profitable and which you have an interest in. You do not have to be passionate about the niche. Just have strong enough interest in it to allow yourself to be able to research and compose valuable content that answers the burning questions that people have within that niche

Do not fall for the mindset of believing that your passion is going to lead to money. Instead, choose a niche that has been proven to be profitable and learn to be passionate about it because it earns you the money to fulfill your dreams and goals.


But, I just want to help people.

I respect people that have a servant’s heart because I too am a people pleaser. I derive great joy in helping others in their hour of need. Here are two examples, which will have a greater impact on the Long term?

” Is it better to start a blog in a niche that you know you can make money in so the later on you can help even more people or does it make sense to start a blog in a passion niche that won’t make much money but, will help a few people now?”                         -Paul Scrivens

Here is the answer; more money will allow you to help more people.


When considering a niche, ask yourself these question

  1. Does it have a big audience?
  2. Is there potential for traffic (visitors to your website)?
  3. Does the audience have purchasing power?
  4. Is there an opportunity for affiliate marketing (selling products for someone else)?

Here is a list of the most profitable niches

  • Health and Fitness / Weight Loss
  • Beauty / Fashion
  • Dating / Relationships
  • Food
  • Self Improvement / eLearning
  • How to Make Money / Finances
  • Lifestyle  /Travel
  • Technology / Electronic Gadgets / Gaming
  • Pets

Niche Down after you Choose a Niche

Contrary to what the blogging Gurus say, it is not imperative to niche down but, it certainly helps facilitate your success.

Niching down means having a clear focus on who your ideal target customer is and aligning your marketing (and content) to match.

Niching down also means aiming at a specific group of people within your chosen niche. This helps you laser target your content and affiliate offers to their exact questions and desires. This in turn helps build audience loyalty and increases Search Engine Optimization (helps people find your blog/website on Google search).

Examples of niching down in a given niche:

Niche – food / sub-niches – minimalist Baker, vegan, sugar-free, low cholesterol, seafood.

Niche – Weight Loss / sub-niches – for pregnant women, men over 40, women over 40, brides to be.

Niche – Beauty / sub-niches – teens, college-age, over 40, over 50, and beyond.

Niche – How to Make Money and Finances / sub-niches – on the internet, dropshipping, franchisees, side hustles, how to save money, save for retirement, life insurance, stock market, commodity trading.

I hope you get the point.

Two equally important Facts to consider

To succeed within a niche you must provide value. This seems to be obvious but it’s the thing that many beginning bloggers fail to provide.

Your job as a Blogger/Affiliate Marketer is to write valuable content that people want to read and relate to so much that they share it.

Consider this:

Fact Number 1 – Will you be willing and able to research, write, and possible experiment to gain experience in order to publish a level of content that people will want to read and share. Share being the key factor to judge whether or not you provide valuable content?

Fact Number 2 – Are you willing to put in the time and effort into this niche to write content that people are searching for?

If you aren’t willing to write content that people are seeking and willing to share then you will not gain traction in that niche.

If you nail these to things, making money in that niche will be a lot easier.

Research the Audience

Before you make your final decision on a niche, research the audience. Is it an audience that you can relate to? Do they have a type of personality that you are comfortable dealing with? Because some niche audiences are very vocal, will you be willing to deal with their comment and questions?

Consider your limits

Everyone has a limit. Will your limits allow you to pursue a given niche or would another niche be more suitable for you? The required time investment for some niches is considerable more than others, especially if the niche is technical in nature.

Consider Trends as well as historical change

Every niche changes over time. Your ability to write content that is timely to the current trends, reader’s likes/dislikes, and situations within that niche is something that you must give thought to. Do you have access to the research material that is necessary for writing the content.?


“We all start a blog with the best of intentions to focus on a niche. But things change. And sometimes you’ll end up switching or varying your original idea.”

Many would-be niche bloggers/affiliate marketers worry and fret over choosing a niche way too long. This only leads to paralysis. Now is the time to take action! Nothing worthwhile is accomplished without action.  Do your homework as instructed in this post and go ahead and make a decision within a couple of days. Do not waste weeks or months trying to make up your mind. Make your choice and go for it, Put in the work and see how it goes. Bear in mind that your first niche will probably not be your last.  “Just Do It!” 

Take Action. “Action takers are Moneymaker.”


Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

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12 comments on “How To Choose Your Niche For Affiliate Marketing

  1. Henderson

    Hello Tom, this is a really good post, you have effectively tackled a long proɓlem I’ve had since I joined wealthy affiliate. Although I’m still taking trainings, I have been contemplating about what niche to choose, I am a big lover of football but I feel the niche will not be productive. Thank you so much for your advice on value too. I’ll strive hard to be as successful as I can in picking my niche.

    1. Tom Caldwell

      Great to hear from you Henderson. You are in the right place it the right time here at Wealthy Affiliate. Just follow the training and complete the suggested Actions at the end of each training before you move to the next lesson. 

      Once you complete the training you will be set for success. At that point, my suggestion is for you to publish your first 50 posts as soon as your time permits. It take some longer to complete their 50 articles and that is okay. 

      Stay positive and keep doing the nescesary work. The only way you can lose is to quit.

  2. Feochadan

    This is an excellent article and right on point.  Within the niches that you provide, it should be fairly easy to from anyone to niche down to something that they are truly passionate about – although it may take research, as you pointed out.

    I know that I started with a rather obscure niche and when I realized how little could possibly be written about it, I quickly abandoned it and switched.  Choosing a niche that is both profitable and one that you can write plenty of content about is CRITICAL in this game.  If you do that, you can still help plenty of people as you become an expert in your chosen niche.

    I truly hope that this article reaches a wide audience as it is truly helpful!

    1. Tom Caldwell

      Feochadan thank you for taking the time to read and comment. My sincere desire is to truly be of help to a wide audience. I wish you great success with your chosen niche. 

  3. Mike

    Great article Tom.  Your article is not only articulate but your assessment of finding a niche market is spot on.  Passion and profit are completely different, as you proved with the grasshopper analogy. (Hilarious.)  The questions you posed are a great guide and should be used by anyone considering affiliate marketing, whether a beginner or experienced.  This is a tremendous resource and should be bookmarked.

    1. Tom Caldwell

      Thank you Mike for the kind words. You are very encouraging. We all need a pat on the back from time to time, 

  4. Tamara

    Hi Tom, 

    I enjoyed reading your post “How to Choose Your Niche for Affiliate Marketing”. I really like the short, direct paragraphs and useful information. Wish I’d seen your website BEFORE I started my online business!

    I think one of the biggest problems new bloggers have is that they believe they must choose a niche they are passionate AND expert about. You have suggested writing 50 articles as soon as possible–by the time you’ve written 50 posts on a subject, you should definitely feel like an expert! 

    Research is so important for success. If you do it in the beginning, you can save a lot of time and reduce failure. 

    When I joined WA, I had a great idea for a niche—Crocheting for Babies. Everyone loves babies, everyone knows someone with a baby, everyone wants to give special gifts to a new baby, RIGHT? 

    Well, maybe. I was so eager to get going I didn’t take the necessary time to research my audience or map out a profitable plan of action. 

    I created my website and began posting. I quickly realized my niche was very broad and time consuming, because not only did I need to write valuable content (creating crochet projects, publishing patterns, purchasing yarn, etc), I had to actually purchase all the supplies to produce each crocheted item. write out lengthy pattern instructions, and take/post step-by-step pictures. 

    Long story short, I took a break, then researched my audience, decided what I wanted to accomplish with my business, and niched down. I am more productive and successful.

    Thanks for sharing solid information, I believe it will help readers!


    1. Tom Caldwell

      Tamara, thank you for your insightful comment. I think this quote confirms what you have so elegantly said.

      “You don’t have to be an expert in your passion initially. Over time,(through your research and experimentation) you will grow into being an expert.”     -Sue Dunlevie-

  5. Nathaniel

    Hi Tom – Your post is great for giving food for thought on choosing a niche.  Yours is the first to break down passion and profit.  Although combining both is an ideal position to have, it’s not always a match made in affiliate marketing heaven.  I’m a newbie and I’ve been with WA since March.  I’ve chosen my niche and I’m focusing on quality content.  Nothing’s happen so far, but I’m not quitting!!


    1. Tom Caldwell

      Nathaniel, you have hit the nail on the head when you said: “but I’m not quitting!”  The only way you lose is to quit. Keep publishing your quality content. Set an ambitious goal for 50 blog posts. Write them as fast as your time permits and success will be your on or before you reach the goal.  I wish you the best.

  6. RoDarrick

    This is rather a helpful post for me as it takes a direct confrontation to me. I learnt about affiliate marketing few months back and it has not been a smooth sailing for me. I have been confronted with tough decisions to make but none as cumbersome as the selection of a niche for me. I just can’t seem to balance myself between what my interest lies in and what would make money for me. I have variety of interests however, I don’t know the one I can stick to for long. Reading through this post has helped me to take a decision since, success comes from the freedom to fail. I will try something out and see how it goes. Thanks for this post

    1. Tom Caldwell

      RoDarric,  I am thankful that my blog post was helpful to you. Just go for it! Your first niche is not written in stone. Many times the first niche is part of the learning curve and people will often choose a  different niche later, myself included.

      Keep up the good work, stick to it, never give up and success will be yours when you least expect it. 


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