How To Earn Money On Facebook

Follow the instructions within this blog post to use Facebook effectively for earning money with your Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, MLM or Homebased Business.

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Use Facebook to Build an Audience

RULE #1- “Stop Spamming your affiliate link, MLM company logo, product info, etc on your personal Facebook timeline. ” No one wants to see your business promotion on your personal Facebook timeline. Create a Facebook business page to promote your business, affiliate offers, product info, and helpful niche related content.

RULE 3If you do not have an audience, you have no business, no one will see your content, affiliate links, product or service. Build an audience that wants or needs the solution that your product or service provides, then capture their email address. Then build “know, like, and trust” by emailing them helpful information related to the problem or desire that your audience is trying to obtain. Each email should contain a “Call To Action” that asks your reader to click the link, read another post, join your social media, buy a product or service, ask for a freebie.

How to Build an Audience

  • Build an Audience
  • Engage with your Audience
  • Sell to your Audience

Use these 6 Pillars to Build an Audience

Pillar 1 – VISION & Personal Development Strategy

  • You must know your “WHY”. Why do you want to build an online business? (Write it down, learn to see it clearly in your mind’s eye.) At this point don’t worry about the How right now.
  • Work harder on yourself than you work on your prospect. (You must become the person that attracts the ideal prospect for your business.
  • If you need help to discover your WHY (passion) Search YouTube for Jim Rohn, Tony Robins, etc, and learn how to set written goals and how to achieve the goals you set. Apply what you learn ( knowledge without action is worthless).

Pillar 2 – Target Market & Personal Branding Strategy

  • Who are you, what do you stand for, and who do you serve?
  • What are the biggest challenges, concerns, problems of the people that you serve?
  • You must know what they REALLY want?

Pillar 3 – Monetization Strategy

  • How is your business going to earn money? What are you going to sell?
  • What are the income-producing activities in your business
  • What could you see to your prospects today?
  • Offer a low-cost, no brainier $1 – $27 irresistible offer to convert a prospect into a buyer,
  • What are you selling for the next 30 days? What is your sales goal?

Pillar 4 – Content Creation Strategy

  • VALUABLE content is the king – a new currency. ( you will never earn any substantial money just spamming your affiliate links on social media.) You must become a teacher, anyone can teach. All you have to do is say “Here is what I learned today” and then share what you learned. (Word to the wiseif you are not willing to teach, you might as well quit now. Because that is how the internet and internet marketing works.)
  • Decide which content creation platform you are most comfortable using (blogging, video, Facebook live, YouTube live, etc.)
  • 20% of your business building time should be content creation.
  • 80% of your time should be promoting your the content that you created (on social media).
  • Choose which promotional method you will use (paid or free – both can be done on social media).
  • When you are first starting, chose one social media to promote your content. Once you are generating 10 leads per day, your can chose a second social media to add additional promotion.)
  • All your content should have a CALL to ACTION.

Pillar 5 – Build – Engage – Sell (BES)

All successful digital marketers constantly add value and solutions to their audience’s needs. Here is the KEY TO ONLINE SUCCESS:

    • Build an audience, engage your audience, sell your audience.
    • Focus your attention on these three tasks every single day and you will WIN!

Pillar 6 – Audience, Traffic & List Building

Million Dollar Question: How are you going to drive targeted prospects to your blog, website, opportunity presentations, offers, and lead magnets?

Everyone wants more traffic ∧ leads, but ALL top earners focus on developing Pillars 1-5 FIRS

Before you can generate traffic – You must answer these questions:

  • Free vs Paid?
  • Social networking vs direct response ads?
  • Engagement Ads / Likes Campaign to Grow Facebook Audience?
  • Where is your target market having conversations online, and can you join these conversations?
  • Do you understand the 80/20 Rule? 80% Promotion / 20% Content Creation
  • What is your Structured daily plan of ACTION to Grow Your Audience(s), and syndicating your pillar / promotional/lead magnet content across the web and in from of laser-targeted potential buyers for YOUR business?
  • What are your specific, measurable outcomes you what to hit each week in terms of GROWING your audience(s) and track your progress?

I can help you answer the above questions and get you started building your profitable online business!



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