How To Plan Your Social Media Posts

This blog post is day 6 of my training entitled How To Set Up Your Online Business and Get It Running in 7 Days. Learn how to create a social media content plan.

It is imperative to create a social media content plan and execute that plan on a daily basis. Make a list of 36 social media post ideas. For the next 90 days, challenge yourself to use your list and create one post per day. Then share that post 3 times per day on at least 3 separate social media websites. 

The goal here is to build rapport with your audience  Your audience is more likely to purchase products and services via your affiliate links if they know, like, and trust you.

This is very important so, let me repeat the process again.

  • Each day create one social media post and post it on your social media accounts.
  • Post the same post morning, mid-day, and evening.
  • This gives you an advantage, making it more likely that a larger share of your audience will see your post.

Promote your weekly blog post

One day per week make an announcement to your audience that you have published a new blog post and share it in the morning, mid-day, and evening on all your social media platforms

Here is an infographic with 50 social media post ideas

This infographic is from

50 social media post ideas

Customize these social media post ideas to fit your niche or industry. Make it a point to answer your audience’s questions, offer solutions and occasionally promote a product.  The product that you promote should make a task faster, easier, or safer. Products should always be helpful to your audience or provide a solution. Remember that only 20% of your content should be promotional.

  1. Before and after

  2. Funny meme

  3. Short video tip

  4. Behind the scene

  5. Sneak peek

  6. Flat lay or styled image (use to design your graphic. Canva is free)

  7. Video announcement

  8. Industry article

  9. Answer FAQs

  10. Industry facts

  11. Infographic (use

  12. Time-saving tip

  13. Money-saving tip

  14. Solve a problem

  15. Favorite resource

  16. Favorite tool or software

  17. Favorite product of service

  18. Favorite influencer

  19. Share gratitude

  20. Share a fan photo

  21. @mention a follower

  22. @mention an influencer

  23. Thank your followers

  24. Take poll

  25. This or that?

  26. Would you rather?

  27. If you could

  28. Fill in the blank

  29. Federal or religious holiday

  30. National day

  31. Trending news event

  32. Viral video

  33. Fun fact

  34. Share a hobby

  35. Glimpse into family time

  36. Explore your city

  37. Book your reading or offer a free consultation 

  38. Relaxation spot

  39. Inspirational quote

  40. Personal Mantra

  41. New blog post

  42. Repurpose old content

  43. Share popular content

  44. Free printable

  45. Product or service

  46. Testimonial

  47. Promote your newsletter

  48. Promote your social profile

  49. Conduct a contest

  50. Run a special 

Bonus social media post ideas

This infographic is from Kat Sullivan at Marketing Solved.

70 killer content ideas for social media

  • Promote your podcast if you have one
  • Remind people who you, how you got started and how you can help and serve them
  • Share a personal story
  • Share a clean joke (graphic or text)
  • Host a #AMA (ask me anything)
  • Post a how-to tutorial
  • Share your favorite book
  • Host a giveaway
  • Give away a coupon
  • Go live (live video perform amazingly well
  • Host a 1-day only flash sale
  • Let someone guest post or takeover your profile
  • Post a case study
  • Share some personal wins or results
  • Host an interview with a guest
  • Tuesday tip
  • Wednesday wisdom
  • Throwback Thursday
  • Flashsale Friday
  • Share a short video clip (your or someone you like)
  • Share a YouTube video that you like
  • Post some interesting facts or statistic about your industry
  • Share a loss or failure
  • Share a win or success
  • Share your morning routine
  • Tell people how to get started
  • Talk about mistakes people are making
  • Share a tweet that you love
  • Share a Pinterest pin that you love
  • Share your other social profile to connect on
  • Share your contact info
  • Post about a trip you have taken
  • Share a Charity that you’ve partnered with
  • Post about something on your bucket list
  • Ask your audience how they found you.


If you put in the work, social media posts can be a valuable free promotional tool for your brand and products.

Here are the steps one more time:

  1. Customize the social media post ideas found in this blog post to fit your particular business.
  2. Create one post per day.
  3. Share that post on 3 or more social media platforms, three times per day morning, mid-day, and evening.

Now it is all up to you. Take action and make your list of 36 social media post ideas.


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