How To Set Up Your Online Business & Get It Running In 7 Day

This is an overview of how to set up your online business & get it running in 7 days. The goal here is to set up your business and then work a 90-day challenge where you write one blog post per week for 12 weeks and share your blog post among various other types of posts and content on social media 3 times per day on three or more social media platforms for 90 days.

Also, as part of your daily social media content that will encourage people to give you their email address so you can stay in touch with them and occasionally ask them you buy a product or service. More on this later.

If you are looking for a get-rich-quick without doing any work, then building an online business is not for you.


The Big Question

Ask yourself this question WHY do I want to build an online business?

It is vitally important that you know your WHY

Do you want to work less and spend more time with family? Do you want to travel, Do you want to earn money for the extras in life. Do you want to buy your dream home or car? Do you want to have the money and time to devote to your hobbies? How about more money to donate to charity and causes that are close to your heart. What about saving and investing for retirement (it is never too early to save for retirement). 

I don’t know what your motivation is – only you can decide.

The reason for knowing your WHY is because there will be times of frustration and self-sacrifice, knowing your WHY and reviewing your WHY on a regular basis will help you keep a positive attitude and keep you from quitting when the going gets rough.

“The only way you lose when building an online business is when you quit.”

Click here for more benefits of Building Your Business With Your WHY.


Day 1 – Choose your audience niche.

What is a niche? A niche is a group of people with a shared common interest.

Your audience/niche will be determined by who your ideal customers are.

Your audience/niche is the people that you choose to serve. 

You must serve your audience first before you earn the right to ask them to buy.

Examples of the most successful niches in no particular order:

  • Health, fitness, wellness – weight loss, fitness, yoga, alternative medicine (proceed with great caution), nutrition, organic, vegan.
  • Money – debt relief/settlement, Investing, mortgage. bitcoin, mortgage, credit card, insurance, make money online, make money with a side hustle
  • Hobby – sports, hunting, fishing, photography, gambling, event tickets, any of a million hobbies
  • Lifestyle – your everyday life and interests
  • Technology/Gaming – educate, review product and services
  • Home and Family – a wide range of topics from parenting, homesteading, gardening
  • Alternative – CBD, conspiracy theories, essential oilsleal marijuana
  • Beauty/fashion – tips on beauty and fashion
  • Food/cooking – “where cookbooks meet lifestyle magazines”

For more information about choosing your niche read my blog post.

Also here is another blog post that may be helpful.

Just do not get caught up in  “Analysis Paralysis”.

Give yourself 24 to 36 hours to make a decision, choose and go for it.

You can always change your niche later if you want to.


Day 2 – Build your blog

I have built several websites on various website builders and web host services, and I think I have found the perfect platform to build your blog/ business on. It cost $49 per month or you can get a big discount when you pay annually.

The thing is this –  You are building a business and all businesses have a certain amount of cost you must invest before you begin to generate sales and profit. 

If you cannot afford to invest a little money in your online business, I suggest you get a part-time job, drive for Uber, deliver meals with Door Dash, or some other side hustle that will give you immediate cash.

Then come back and build your online business.

Of course, you can choose a budget hosting service but, you will have many challenges with a budget service. Some of those challenges will include website down, poor or slow technical support, shortage of bandwidth, slow page load speed, negative SEO efforts, and ranking, security leaks,

Do yourself a favor and just go with a quality web hosting service from the start.

The great thing about the hosting and website builder that I use is that it also offers hundreds of training and tutorial content on how to build and run your online business successfully.

This is my recommendation for website hosting and domain purchase.


Day 3 – Set up your email audience list.

This is how all successful online marketers build their business.

If you want to make money online – you must make your first priority building your list and nurturing the people on your list.

The way these works is:

  • First, you offer a high-value product or service for free in order to receive someone’s email. This free offer is called a Lead Magnet.
  • Secondly, you advertise your free offer Lead Magnet via either Paid Advertising or Free Advertising. Paid Advertising cost you little time and cost money. Free Advertising costs you little or no money but costs you lots of time.
  • Thirdly, you nurture the people on your list by providing free high-value content that they want. You answer their pressing questions, product how-to blog post, and videos, DYI tutorials, teach how to perform a task faster or easier, etc.
  • Fourth, you practice the 80/20Rule. The 80/20 states that 80% of you content that you provide for the people on your email list should be educational and only 20% should be promotional (asking them to buy something.

In order to build an email list, you will need an email management system (commonly known as an Autoresponder). An autoresponder will allow you to collect email addresses in a database and easily contact everyone on the list.

My recommendation for an autoresponder.


Day 4 –  Step up your social media profiles.

If you do not already have 3 or more social media accounts, you will need to set them up.

If you already have social media personal accounts, I encourage you to set up business accounts that are separate from your personal accounts. IT is okay to have your personal and business accounts linked but, you not want to bombard personal friends and family with business-related content.


Day 5 – Plan your blog post topics/head

Think about solving the questions that your ideal customers are asking?. What are their pain points and how can you help to reduce their pain or stress? What type of tutorials can you provide for your audience?

Here is a graphic that contains 100 fill-in-the-blank blog post headlines that you can draw inspiration from. Get creative and tailor them to your specific niche.

I found this graphic on Pinterest. I suggest you look on Pinterest for blog post ideas. Search Pinterest by your niche subject.

Day 6 – Plan your social media post ideas.

Use Pinterest to learn what to post on social media.

Here is a graphic with 70 social media post ideas.


Day 7 – Choose which products, services & software you will promote.

The best practice when you are building your business is to only promote products and services that you own and use frequently. Once your business is up and running and you have a few sales under your belt, you may want to experiment with products and services that you do not use but you think maybe a good fit for your audience (people on your mailing list).

There numerous affiliate programs platforms and thousands of companies that have affiliate programs specific to their company

If you own and use a product, check with the company and ask if they have an affiliate program. Often time the affiliate program is available in the footer of the company home page.

Here is a shortlist of platforms that offer affiliate programs for just about every niche imaginable. Here is the blog post the goes into the details of this list  

  • JV Zoo
  • Rakuten Marketing
  • CJ Affiliate Network
  • Market Health
  • Peerfly
  • Global Wide Media
  • ShareASale
  • Amazon Associates Program
  • eBay Partner Network                ;

Here is my recommendation if you choose the make money online niche.


The purpose of this exercise is to build your audience. If you have no audience you have no business. Read my blog post entitled Build A Tribe Of 1000 True Fans.

This is a 90 – day play (12 weeks)

Your first goal is to create 1 blog post per week and share it on social media 7 times per week..

You will need to plan 12 blog posts

Your second goal is to post 3 times per day on at least social media platforms for 12 weeks. Each day chooses one piece of content and post it on each of your chosen social media platforms.

You will need to plan 36 social posts

Recycling your posts and sharing the posts among your social accounts.

Now it is all up to you.

Get out there take action and do the work.

Nothing in life or business is accomplished without effort.

Always remember: “Action takers are moneymakers.”


If you want to make money online

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  1. LT Turner Jr

    Hey Tom – I absolutely love step by step action plans and you totally did that here with setting up your online business and get it running in 7 days. I noticed one of your links was Wealthy Affiliate. That is a great company and was a part of it for a good while and learned a whole lot about being an affiliate marketing and with blogging too. Thanks for sharing these great tips and also the graphics has some awesome info on it too. Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Tom Caldwell

      LT, thank you so much for the comment. I use WA mainly for the hosting. I do use the 24/7 community support (which is amazing) on occasion. When I have questions about WordPress functions that I am not familiar with. But, I am not active in the social aspect of the community. Have a wonderful day.


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