Make Money Online Using The Only 2 Tools You Will Ever Need

Make Money Online With 2 Simple Tools

In this article, you will learn the only 2 tools that you will ever need to make money online.



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Don’t fall for the B.S. that the ‘Internet Marketing Gurus’ feed you!

The ‘Internet Marketing Gurus’ tell you that you need them because it is hard to make money online. They say that there are a lot of moving parts and you need their new secret weapon, their secret traffic source, their latest, greatest product, software, etc,

You know the guys and gals that I am talking about. You have seen their advertisements that interrupt your favorite YouTube videos or the sponsored posts that bombard our social media feed.

They offer you a way out of your job if only you will attend their webinar. After you set through a grueling hour and a half sales presentation that is disguised as a free webinar.

You find out that they want you to charge $1400 (or more) on your credit card to learn their secret, They say that their secret will set you free of all financial worry without doing a thing.

You have heard it before “Make money online without doing any work, Just buy my secret and in 24 hours you will be racking in the money.”

These ‘Internet Gurus’ stand in front of expensive cars that or parked in the driveways of mansions, they may even be surrounded by attractive members of the opposite sex.


Email I received from an ‘Internet Marketing Guru’ today

They fill your email inbox with emails like this:(I have withheld the Gurus name hopefully, he/she will not sue me for telling the truth about their deceptive marketing practices).


There’s no “one thing” when it comes to running a successful online business.

You can’t “just use Facebook ads” or “just host Webinars” or “just use Email Marketing”

It’s really more like a combination of all of the above and it can be overwhelming.

So, I thought I’d break down exactly what we use, what we use it for, and give you all the deets so you can literally steal the tools that work for us!

Here’s What We Use to Run Our Online Business:

  • Website: WordPress with Memberpress Plugin for Memberships
  • Hosting: AWS
  • Payment Processing: Stripe & PayPal
  • Opt In Pages: LeadPages & Optin Monster
  • Email Marketing: Active Campaign
  • Affiliate Management: Affiliate Royale & iDev Affiliate
  • Video Hosting: Vimeo
  • Live Videos, Webinars, & Streaming: Zoom
  • File Storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, & iCloud
  • SEO: SEO by Yoast Plugin
  • Graphic Design: Canva & Photoshop
  • Invoicing & Bookeeping: Quickbooks
  • Video Editing: Camtasia
  • Webinars: EverWebinar
  • Project Management: Jira
  • Communication: Slack
  • Video Recording: Loom
  • Outsourcing: Upwork
  • SMS: Twilio
  • Screengrabs: Skitch
  • Notes: Evernote
  • Scheduling: Calendly

Now, as far as marketing and platforms, we use:

  • Blogging & SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Webinars
  • Funnels
  • Social Media
    • Facebook Pages
    • Facebook Groups
    • Facebook Stories
    • Facebook Lives
    • Facebook Ads
    • Pinterest
    • Pinterest Ads
    • YouTube
    • Instagram
    • Instagram Stories
    • Instagram Reels
    • TikTok
    • Twitter
    • You’ll occassionally see us on Clubhouse or LinkedIn

Hopefully seeing this will help you understand that although there are a lot of moving pieces to running an online business, when you set youtor foundations, it’s easier to add things in to grow and scale the areas you need.

I have an announcement coming soon that will make a HUGE impact in helping you navigate through this!

Stay Tuned.

(Internet Marketing Guru name withheld.)

Now that is a bunch of Bull SH*T!

Here is why:

I have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours pouring over that ‘Internet Marketing Guru’ bull crap and I never made a dime!

Until one fateful day when I receive an email from a guy, I had a business association with years earlier. His name is Paul Hutching.

I opened the email because I already knew Paul to be an honest, hard-working, family man, with high moral value. I knew that Paul had a burning desire to become financially free and to help as many people as he could to become financially free as well.


Paul and I had been distributors in a nutritional company and the nutritional company eventually went out of business and Paul and I went our separate ways.

I went back to my 9 to 5 job and Paul continued to pursue his dream of financial freedom.

That was why Paul sent me the email. He had figured out how to make money online using only 2 simple tools.

He had earned his financial freedom using the 2 tools and was now financially free living, with his wife and three children on an 11-acre property and beautiful home, all paid for, free and clear.

And I was still broke. Just making it from paycheck to paycheck.

So, this time I took a look at what Paul was doing and I started doing the same thing. Using the only 2 tools that are ever needed to make money online.

Guess what?

I finally earned my first commission online and I was on my road to financial freedom.

Financial Freedom all starts with the first sale. Then you repeat the same thing that got you that sale over and over on a daily basis.

Here is the information that Paul shared with me that explains The 2 Tools and The Perfect Daily Activities that you must perform if you are serious about making money online and creating Financial Freedom


First, you need a domain name

This is not really a tool. Your domain name is your address on the internet. This is a must! Preferably buy a dot com domain.

Get cheap domain names at


The only 2 tools you will ever need to make money only.

# 1 a Page Builder (also known as a website builder or funnel builder)

# 2 an Email Autoresponder ( an email management system that allows you to collect email addresses and send the same email to all the addresses at the same time).

The perfect daily action steps

  1. Build your email audience list daily.
  2. Build your knowledge daily.
  3. Share the knowledge that you learn daily.


Attention! Do I have your attention?

Here is the TRUTH about the “secret that the Internet Guru’s promise”

There is no secret!

Did you hear that? “There is no secret!”

You have to work on a daily basis to make money online. There are no Free Lunch Programs when it comes to making money online.

You need to invest in 2 tools and do the daily work. The tools will cost around $20 per month.

There is no way to  ‘Get Rich Quick’  when it comes to earning financial freedom by making money online.

Now, you can try and figure out how to get the 2 tools and you can try to figure out how to accomplish The Perfect daily steps on your own,

or you can download the FREE  $3000 per month plan and get started on your financial freedom journey today. The 30 Minute Escape Plan is your step-by-step instructions for building a life of freedom.

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