Overcome Failure In Life Using 5 Successful Techniques

Overcome Failure In LifeAt some point in everyone life they experience failure. The best way to overcome failure is to learn from your mistake and modify your behavior so that you do not repeat the same mistake again. Here are 5 powerful techniques that will assist you in using failure as a stepping stone to success. Follow these life hacks and you will learn from failure, regroup and march forward on sure footing along our journey through life.

  • Planning – Do you have a clear vision (goal) of what you wish to accomplish.
  • Preparation – Are you properly prepared.
  • Execution – If you are stuck, ask for help, accept constructive feedback.
  • Focus – You can not control others, you can only control yourself. Focus on making changes to your plan, execution but do not deviate from your over all goal.

Learn From Failure

“If you don’t fail, you are not even trying.” -Denzel Washington
Sean Croxton said when speaking of this quote:

“…actor Denzel Washington encourages you to take risks, bring your ideas to life and fall forward.”

Along this same line of thinking my mentor J.F. Jim Straw (mail order extraordinaire and Internet Marketing expert) gave this prudent advice.

“I learned most of what I know from my mistakes and failures My success never taught me anything… they were only based upon what I had learned from my mistakes and failures.”

Fear of failure is the reason why so many never achieve the success they desire. The secret to learning from failure is to avoid the idea that failure equals complete defeat. We must adopt the attitude that failure is only temporary.

Famous Failures Who Succeeded In A Big Way

Every successful person has and still does experience failure from time to time. But, the successful person does not let a temporary set back paralyze them. They pick up the pieces and move forward.

Here are a few examples of people and their less than successful moments.

Abraham Lincoln – lost his job, defeated in election for State Legislature, failed in business, sweetheart died, had a nervous breakdown, defeated in run for the Illinois House Speaker, lost his run for U.S. Congress, elected to Congress but lost his re-election, rejected for Land Officer position, defeated in his run for U.S. Senate, defeated in run for the nomination for Vice-President, defeated a second time for U.S. Senate, finally in 1860 ultimate success, elected President of the United States of America, the highest honor bestowed upon a U.S. citizen.

Walt Disney – was fired from his job as a newspaper animator, filed bankruptcy with his Laugh-O-Grahm company, had a nervous breakdown and then in 1928 Walt had his first highly popular success with the creation of Mickey Mouse. Mickey is without a doubt the most well know cartoon character in history.

Charles M. Schulz – American cartoonist who created the Peanuts comic script (Charley Brown and Snoopy) was bullied by other children as a child. During high school was told by his art teacher that he had no artistic talent. He got the last laugh though because his television cartoon specials are still airing 18 years later and his syndicated newspaper comic strip can be read every day in many newspapers.
Oprah Winfrey- was fired from her first talk show job where she was harassed and faced sexism.

Steve Jobs – college drop out, was fired from Apple the company he founded but years later was made CEO again and lead the company to massive success.

Bill Gates – college drop out, co-owner of a failed tech company call Traf-O-Data, then in 2014 Gates become the richest man on Earth and maintains his place among The Worlds Billionaires.

Micheal Jordan – missed over 9,000 shots during his every success Basketball career.

Now it’s time to examine a few life hacks that can help anyone to turn a life of failure into a life of success.

5 Techniques That Will Turn Failure into Success

  1. Analyze your PLAN – It is imperative that you have a Written Plan.

“Goals that are not written down are just dreams.” – Fitzhugh Dodson (American Author).

Do you have a clear vision? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have specific action steps to achieve my goal?
  • How relevant are my steps for the achievement of my goal?
  • Are my action steps realistic and achievable?
  • Have I developed a system a measure my progress?
  • What is the timeline for the accomplishment of my action steps?

2. Evaluate Your Preparation – Think about what type of research and education (formal or self education) you may need. What type of tools and or equipment may be required? Make a list of materials that are necessary. Will you need assistance, if so who will be able to provide help. Gather all this information before you start a new project or when you are regrouping a failed project.

3. Examine Your Execution – at some point in the execution of your action plan you may find yourself stuck. As mentioned in a previous paragraph, you may need to ask for help. That help may need to be in the form of a coach or mentor. You may require help from a capable assistance. You may even outsource some tasks. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

4. Focus On What You Can Control – It is a fact that you cannot control others, you can only control yourself. The best advice is this: don’t compete with others; complete with yourself.

Measure you progress against your previous days achievements. Here is a short list of things you can control. Live by this list and you will be will on your way to a happy, healthy, satisfied, successful life.

  • Have you prepared.
  • Watch your self-talk, focus on the positive.
  • Express gratitude for what you already have.
  • Smile and say please and thank you.
  • Listen more, talk less, ask questions.
  • Don’t be afraid to do new things.
  • Avoid television, radio, newspaper and internet news, it is almost always negative.
  • Read something every day. ” Successful people own libraries, failures own big screen televisions.”
  • Keep you space clean and uncluttered.
  • “Pay it forward” with “Random acts of kindness.”
  • Eat healthy and get regular exercise.

5. Except Constructive Feedback – This is a tough one because constructive feedback may hurt your feelings, insult your pride or cause resentment toward the person providing the feedback

Sometime it is hard to see the forest for the trees. Another person has the outside perspective which may shed helpful information upon your situation. Except constructive feedback with grace and dignity, then take action on the information that you have learned from feedback.


I encourage you to follow the many suggestions covered in this blog post. Learn from you setbacks and accept failure as temporary and you will move forward and begin to experience the success you desire.

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