Plan Your Blog Post Topics – 3 Fast & Easy Hacks

Blog post topics, YouTube video ideas, and social media content are fast and easy to plan when you use 3 simple hacks. In this post, you will learn the 3 stress-free hacks for planning your content topics. The best way to reach your audience/niche is to answer the questions that they are asking. Use the 3 hacks described in this blog post to answer the questions your audience is asking.

Hack #1- People Also Ask

People Also Ask

Use the website Usetopics’ People Also Ask 

This is a free keyword and idea research tool that makes it easy to find questions your audience/niche is asking. So, that you can answer.

Type a keyword in the search bar and get real questions that people are asking about it.

There is a similar website at, see the questions people also asked…try it for free.


Hack #2 – Google and YouTube Search

Who better to get content topic ideas from than the number one and number two search engines? 

You have probably performed hundreds of Google searches. But, you may not think of YouTube as a search engine.

When you key in a search term into the search bar of both Google and YouTube, you see a drop-down that shows you other alternative versions of your search term. These alternative suggestions are also questions that people or asking.

Use the suggestion to formulate your blog post topic ideas.

Hack # 3 – Pinterest

Pinterest is also a search engine that produces power results when you search topics and keywords that relate to your audience/niche.

If you have not tried Pinterest as a search engine, now is the time to begin.

You will have to create an account if you do not already have a Pinterest account.

Simply key your niche into the Pinterest search bar and you will be amazed at the results that will be returned.

Pinterest is also a great source of traffic for bloggers. Share your content on Pinterest to drive traffic back to your blog or YouTube channel

If you are not familiar with how Pinterest works, just do a YouTube search for training.

You will find that Pinterest is fun and easy to use.



Now you know the 3 hacks that will save you time and reduce your stress when it comes time to plan your blog post topics.

For a quick recap here are the websites again.

  • UseTopics’ People Also Ask and Also Ask dot com
  • Google and YouTube search bar

Now it’s all up to you. Take action and start using these websites to your advantage.

And always remember”

“Action takers are Moneymakers.”

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