Shelf Development vs Self Developmet

Tom Caldwell

Today I want to share with you some thoughts that are vitally important to your success as an online marketer.

Shelf Development vs Self Development.

But first, just for total transparency, this information is not unique to me. It came from my mentor, Paul Hutchings. Paul shared a conversation he had with a woman named Clara.

And I put my own twist on it based on my experience.

Okay, let’s get started.

Shelf Development vs Self Development.

Clara said: “Napoleon Hill tells us to be and do and I think sometimes, some of us forget the do part.”

If you are reading and learning, and consuming information – and missing the do part, you could be engaged in…

… Not Self Development…

But Shelf development.

You get all these ideas from YouTube, endless courses, and training that you get for free or purchase. Constantly learning, learning, learning.

And once you have consumed all the value, you put your new-found knowledge on the self (so to speak).

My what a nice shelf you have.

That’s “shelf” development, HEY, I have done PLENTY of it myself.

Here’s the fundamental truth about life though.

We’re all in a story and either we are 100% in love with and satisfied with where the hero of our story currently sits, or not.

Once we’ve dealt with where we’re at, and where we want to go – there is absolutely only 1 thing standing between those 2 points in time.

Drumroll, please…


No action – no progress.

Consistent action, evaluated and refined over time -> The ONLY Road To Our Better Future

So my wish for you today is that you’ll choose self development over shelf development and take action towards your dreams.

This is my favorite quote:

“Action takers are money makers.”

Take action today and make it a successful day!

Tom Caldwell

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