Essential List of Affiliate Marketing Tools

In this article, you will learn the essential tools that you must use to build a successful Affiliate Marketing income.

Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools

Don’t listen to all the B.S. that the gurus tell you

You do not need an arsenal of technical tools to build a profitable affiliate marketing business. The gurus are getting rich by selling the newest, greatest, and improved piece of software or blackhat SEO trick. All their stuff is expensive and unnecessary.

You only need 3 tools in order to earn money online

  1. A domain name
  2. Page Builder
  3. Email Autoresponder

One bonus tool is helpful

A WordPress self-hosted blog is very helpful to generate traffic to the option funnels that you create with your Page Builder.

Publish how-to content, answer questions that the people in your niche are searching for, provide solutions for the problems that your audience is experiencing. 

What is a domain name and where can you buy one.

This of a domain name like this: if your website is your home on the internet, your domain name is your home address.

When you are thinking about what domain your should purchase try to get a dot com because most people think of websites as being dot com. For example, my domain name is, not

Advantages of a .com domain

  • Widely known – Most people know the .com extension, which means it adds trust to your website
  • Doesn’t tie a website to a particular location – If you’re looking to do business in more than one location, then .com provides you with a domain name that will work well in most markets
  • Easy to remember – The fact it’s short and well-known means that people are more likely to remember your website’s address if it ends with .com rather than .net, .org, .us, or one of a hundred other options.

Here is the cheapest place that I have found to purchase a domain name.

What is a Page Builder

A page builder is software that allows you to simply and easily build a website. Page Builders generally use a drag and drop function that will allow anyone to build a simple website, no technical skills required. Most recently Page Builders have come to be known ad Funnel Builders,

You will use your Page Builder to create options pages and thank you pages, and most Page Builders will host your website. No need to purchase additional website hosting

I have tried several Page Builders over the years and I use and recommend this Page Builder.


The 10 features of my favorite Page Builder.

  1. The ‘Booking Widget‘ (allows your audience to schedule appointments with you from your pages)

  2. The ‘Toggle‘ feature (if you are managing more than one account)

  3. The ‘Copy’ feature (allows you to copy your elements to the clipboard and reuse them on any of your pages)

  4. The ‘Replicating Pages‘ feature (allows you to create pages with a call-to-action button that your team can use to generate sales)

  5. The Funnel Builders Academy (free training library that teaches step by step how to set up your pages and everything else you need to do to get the best results from the HBA Funnel Builder).

  6. Ability to host your audios and PDF’s inside of the HBA Funnel Builder

  7. Ability to use ANY autoresponder with the HBA Funnel Builder

  8. Ability to build membership sites and courses, and sell your own products

  9. Global Columns‘ feature (allows you to save your favorite columns and use them on any future pages that you build).

  10. PRICE (hands down the most inexpensive platform in the marketplace with the BEST features- many that are not offered on any other platform)

Three exclusive features only found in my favorite Page Builder

  • Copy & save elements both temporally or permanently. This saves you a ton of time and frustration when building additional content.
  • URL redirects similar to Pretty Links,, goo,gl,, etc. This allows you to avoid using long complicated links.
  • Templates for Privacy pages, Terms of Service, and Legal Discloser.


Why use an Email Autoresponder?

Email Autoresponder provides a means to send a single email to your entire list at once. 

An autoresponder allows you to build rapport and loyalty with the people who have signed up for your free lead magnet. You will be able to email additional helpful content. freebies and sales offers.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free product or service in exchange for an email address. Lead Magnets can be a number of things. Here is a list of Lead Magnet ideas

  • Discounts
  • Newsletters
  • Free trials
  • Quiz
  • Worksheet 
  • Short ebooks (under 20 pages)
  • Flow charts or roadmaps
  • Tutorials, classes
  • Webinars
  • Short courses
  • 5, 7, 30-day challenges
  • Ultimate guide
  • Templates
  • Cheatsheets
  • Swipe files
  • Gated content
  • Spreadsheet
  • Access to exclusive community
  • Free samples

This list of possible Lead Magnets is only limited by your imagination.

For more information on creating a lead magnet click here.

Promote your Lead Magnet

Share your Lead Magnet optin on various Social Media platforms, create SEO-rich blog posts, and share on social media. 

If your budget allows, advertise your Lead Magnet on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Create How-To videos related to your niche, publish them on YouTube, and embed them in your blog posts.

80% of your time should be promoting your content and 20% should be content creation.

The importance of building an email list

People buy from people that they feel comfortable with. People seldom buy from strangers.

When you have people on your email list you can build know, like and trust, If done properly many of the people on your list will purchase the products, services, and software that you suggest to them.

Stay in contact with your email list

Your email list is your audience, Nurture your audience by creating content that they want to consume. Provide helpful content at least once a month, more often if possible. Incorporate short stories that relate to your niche and products as often as possible.

Offer a related affiliate product at the close of each email.

Never stop building your email list.

If your email list is not growing, your affiliate marketing business is dying. 

Promote several lead magnets that relate to the niche and content that you produce

Use every avenue that you can to promote your content and lead magnets.


There you have it. The essential affiliate marketing tools are Domain Name, Page Builder, and Email Autoresponder.

A self-hosted WordPress blog is a bonus tool that will greatly improve you chances of building an income online.

Now it is all up to you. Take action on what you have learned. 

Remember this old quote: “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and advertise.”



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