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This is a copy of an email that I received from Miles Beckler. Miles is an extra ordinary digital marketer. I share this email because it is filled with wisdom that would benefit any would be digital marketer or all digital marketer of any expertise level. For some of the best digital marketing training visit


written by Miles Beckler

In my opinion, thinking is the most undervalued part of being an entrepreneur.

You don’t have to look far to see evidence of how little most people think.


In this email you’re going to learn 3 tricks that will put you leaps and bounds above your competitors…

Because your competitors probably aren’t thinking.

And when you turn on your thinker in the right way based on what you learn here…

You will be able to out strategize them and overtake them more quickly.

I’ll make this quick:

1st – Legal pads, pen and paper.

The path of being an entrepreneur is full of challenges.

Whether you realize it or not you are committing to being a problem solver at scale.

How do you solve problems?

My favorite exercise is to write the problem on top of a sheet of paper on a yellow legal pad…

And then just to sit with that legal pad and pen for one hour and write out all the possible solutions I can THINK of.

This can get me outside sitting on the back patio when it’s nice… It can get me away from my computer in front of the fireplace when it’s cold…

Changing environments can help stimulate different trains of thought!

You will be amazed at what you and your thinker can come up with if you dedicate time and just write it all out.

2nd – Empathizing

Projecting yourself into the shoes of another is possibly the most valuable thinking you can do. Especially when you are focusing in on your perfect customer.

How do you know who your perfect customer is?

My newest YouTube video here walks you through the detailed process of exploring this.

You will be walked through 4 worksheets and the process of thinking that will absolutely change your business.

Most of your competitors won’t do this, so yet again… A way to gain an advantage.

3rd – Thinking about your business

You’ve probably heard the “work on your business not in your business” idea before?

This is really the job of the CEO in a business.

And when you are bootstrapping, you are the CEO and you are the writer, the researcher, the optimizer, etc…

I get it, there is a lot to do!

But this does not mean you should stop thinking about (and working on) your business.

To give you a shortcut into the insights I’ve learned from nearly 20 years of marketing online…

From my 15+ failed projects and a few that have made millions…

Listen to this new podcast episode on The Creative Elements show, now.

In it, I’m interviewed by Jay Clouse who is 1 of the best podcast producers in the game today.

He asks questions and edits together an episode that is of higher quality than anything I’ve been featured on.

The result is that you will get deeper insights into how to think about your business in just minutes.

That link above will take you to his page where you can access the podcast on iTunes, spot if I Google podcasts, wherever you’d like to listen to it.

But the key is to listen to it, ASAP!

Because this strategy is what will take you to the next level!

Miles “Thinks Therefore He Is” Beckler



I hope the above information will be instrumental in you growth, skillset and success a digital marketer. I have no affiliation with Miles Beckler. I am not an affiliate of his products. By publish is information I simply want to help you build a successful business.



Take Action


Now it’s up to you. Will you take this wisdom and run with it or will you file it away in the back on your mind?

I leave you with this quote from an unknown source:

“Action takers are money Makers.”

Now get out there and THINK and do the WORK necessary to succeed!



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