Top Secret Tips For Generating Tons Of Views On YouTube

Learn the top-secret tips for generating tons of views on your Youtube videos. 5 simple and easy to implement hacks that you can employ to skyrocket your YouTube views.

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Tip 1-For each video, create a blog post on your website with the same title.

Tip 2 – Take the YouTube video and EMBED the video code on your blog post.

Tip 3 – Optimize the article for SEO (using high quality keywords)

Tip 4 – Share the blog on social. Share it on Twitter, & Pinterest, & Facebook, and Instagram, & Facebook Groups, and and and…Share it everywhere!

Tip 5 – The VIEWS that you drive to that blog post count as YouTube video views. 

This means that along with YouTube giving you views from its algorithm, YOU are actively increasing your views as well.


Which also means that you’ll have more views and engagement and YouTube shows your video to…more people. Getting you even more views. It’s literally a view snowball and YOU are the one winning!!

There you have it – 5 Top Secret Tips For Generating Tons Of Views On YouTube

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