What Are The 3 Keys To Success

In this article, you will discover the 3 keys to success in any endeavor. Read all the way to the end because I have a very special bonus that will help you create the life of success and happiness that you desire.


Activity+ skill = results


Here is the formula for success

Activity + Skill = Results

Determine the correct activity, set achievable goals that have a deadline, sharpen the required skills, and the proper results will follow.

Let me say it another way.

Begin to cultivate the growth mindset, followed by a daily plan of action, use your time wisely, and the results will come on their own.


Goal mindset vs growth mindset

Goal mindset – Most people focus on the goal and are disappointed if they do not achieve the goal as envisioned. 

Growth mindset – Instead we must focus on the necessary action and improving the skills required for the action.

When we focus on the growth mindset the results happen naturally, more easily, and with more satisfaction.


Goal setting is vital to long term success

Setting goals is vital to the accomplishment of anything worthwhile. 

“If you are not making the progress that you would like to make and are capable of making, it is simply because your goals are not clearly defined.”

~ Paul J. Meyer~

A well-defined goal is made up of 5 components and can be remembered by the acronym SMART.

S – specific

M – measurable

A – attainable

– relevant

T – time-based

Take time to learn how to set and achieve your goals by focusing on the correct action necessary to attain the goal. I have included a bonus on how to set goals properly, keep reading till the end.


Daily Plan of Action

DPA stands for, “daily plan of action” and acts as a daily schedule of certain tasks you should be doing daily in your business to promote growth and keep making more money.

Do your research to determine the daily tasks that are required for you to live a productive life and or a profitable business.

DPA for individuals

Many individuals, practice a daily routine of waking early, meditating, and centering themselves before starting the necessary task of the day.

Just before going to sleep early, they will review the events of the day and decide upon the action and activity that is most important to accomplish the next day or they make a daily entry in a journal. Some

Some people find the use of affirmations helpful.

Here is a related article on the use of affirmations.

Many people find a daily to-do list to increase productivity.

There are several methods of time management, and it is wise to study a few. Then experiment with a few different techniques to determine what works best for your particular personality and lifestyle.


DPA for business

Investigate what your successful competition is doing to gain inspiration. 

Experiment with several daily tasks to see which produces the best results.

Most successful businesses establish best practices that are used to accomplish specific tasks and duties.

Start your day with a plan, work your plan and always have a plan B in case circumstances arise that prevent you from finishing plan A.

Good communication with all persons involved in your daily business activity is a must.

Use your time wisely

It is essential that your time be used wisely.

Avoid procrastination by forming the habit of effective time management.

Here are the components of time management:

  • Prioritizing.

  • Delegation.

  • Decision-making.

  • Goal setting.

  • Multitasking.

  • Problem-solving.

  • Strategic thinking.

  • Scheduling.

    See bonus resources and the end of this article.


The most important thing to remember

“Action takers are money makers.” 

This also applies to personal happiness as well. 

Do not fall into the mediocracy of the general populous who are unhappy and depressed because they have not taken the time and effort to build a happy, healthy mindset and life.



Adopt the growth mindset, set goals for the accomplishment of your dreams, take action, learn from your mistakes, make necessary changes and never quit striving for your dreams and ambitions.



Bonus resources

Paul J. Meyer describes the characteristics of SMART goals.

Dale Carnegie Time Management Guide

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