Why Choose Products That Earns Residual Income

In this blog post, you will learn what residual income is and how to choose affiliate products (Flagship products) that earn you residual income.

There are hundreds of thousands of websites selling digital and physical products. Many thousands have affiliate programs.

You can apply to be an affiliate and most will accept you, even though you might be a newbie.

As your coach and mentor, I will show you how to make an educated decision as to which product and affiliate program fits your needs.

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Here is a great video by one of my mentors, Neil Patel,

The Products Should Be Niche Related

I think this should go without saying but, just so there is no confusion I will repeat it: “The products you choose should be related to your niche”.

If you are in the diet/weight loss niche and all of your blog posts, videos, podcasts, promotions, social media posts are delivering information about dieting you will want to choose a flagship product related to diet. For example, you would want to sell an Atkins diet ebook. You will not want to promote a ‘make money online product. Why? Because your diet/weight loss audience is not interested in buying a product related to ‘make money online.’ 


Where to find a niche product that earns residual income

Choose your main product, I call your main product your “flagship product”. You will choose your flagship product from a merchant (company) that sells products related to your niche. Many merchants have an affiliate program, sometimes known as an associate program in place to help them advertise and sell their products.

What is an Affiliate Program?
Practical Ecommerce describes an affiliate program this way:

[Quote] “. . .what is called an “affiliate program” or “associate program” is a relationship in which a merchant pays you (the “affiliate”) for links from your site to his site. Usually, the affiliate is paid only when an actual sale is made by the merchant as a result of your link.

This kind of advertising (and it IS advertising) is called Pay Per Action (PPA) since the affiliate isn’t paid for carrying the merchant’s advertising link or graphic on his site, but only when a visitor performs a certain action (visits, fills out a form, makes a purchase).” [End quote]


How to find an Affiliate Program

Some businesses or online marketers have private affiliate programs. To find these, simply go to Google and search for “Your Niche + Affiliate Programs.” Then go through the search results and contact the ones that look good. Many of the top products in every niche have their own affiliate programs.

The best flagship product that you can choose, is a product that you use and feel comfortable recommending and writing a blog post about. Find out if your favorite product has an affiliate program. Go to the product website and scroll to the bottom of the page, usually, there is a bottom menu. There may be a menu tab entitled Affiliates. Click on Affiliates to view the affiliate program details. It will be a simple sign-up process. Some companies have to approve a new affiliate but, most accept affiliates instantly.

Examples of Affiliate Programs

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. eBay Partner Network
  3. ShareASale
  4. ClickBank
  5. CJ Affiliates
  6. PartnerStack
  7. Rakuten Marketing Affiliates
  8. Max Bounty Affiliate Network
  9. Trip Advisor
  10. Walmart
  11. Target


Here is my number one recommendation for an affiliate product. This product contains a low-priced product, high-priced product and both are residual/continuity products. 



High ticket vows l ticket product

A high ticket product sells for $100 or more. There are high-ticket digital products that sell for thousands of dollars. When considering a high ticket product to promote make sure the product delivers exceptional value. Word of caution: there some over-price, poor quality products that you want to stay away from. Do not promote anything that you would not be comfortable buying and using. A big-ticket product is your ‘big fish’ that you will promote and a single sale might provide you with enough money to live off of for a week, a month, or even a year!

A low-ticket product that sells for under $100. An example of a low-ticket product would be an ebook that sells for $27 or a phone case that sells for $15 or a business suit the sells for $99. A low-ticket product will require you to sell hundreds if not thousands of items per month in order to generate enough money for you to live on.

It is a lot easier to sell 15 high ticket products per year that earn you $30,000 as opposed to selling 1500 low ticket products in order to earn $30,000 per year.  1500 is a huge amount of sales to secure and it’s not going to be easy by any means.

An added benefit to selling high ticket product is the fact that the more a customer spends, the less likely they are to complain

So, do what the successful marketers do:

(I use a fishing metaphor to explain the process)

  1. Cast your hook by advertising your free lead magnet product. (collect an email to deliver the lead magnet).
  2. Set the hook by offering your lead a low-priced product or service, 
  3. If they buy the low-priced product or service.
  4. Reel them in by offering them a high-ticket product or service ( this is known as an upsell) your high-ticket is usually a one-time purchase. 
  5. Then if they do not buy the upsell, offer them a continuity product that has a monthly cost (known as a down-sell or back-end money). 
  6. The people who gave you their emails are known as your List.  Your List is your audience, So stay in touch with your List on a regular basis ( daily, weekly). Don’t spam your list with a constant barrage of sales offers. But, provide additional free information related to your niche. Give quality and value to your List. Ask and answer your audience’s pressing questions, teach your list how to create a product, do a task faster or easier, and occasionally offer affiliate products or services that will help your audience get what they want.


The importance of selling a residual product

A residual product is a product or service that has an automated recurring price. The price is charged to the consumer’s credit card, debit card, or bank account monthly or annually. Residual products are also called “continuity products”.

Wikipedia describes continuity marketing like this:

       “Continuity marketing is a method of providing goods or services to consumers that relies on direct marketing (or online marketing) and continues into perpetuity. Also known as auto=replenishment, this relationship continues until the customer ends it by notifying the marketer.”

Examples of continuity product or services

  • Insurance
  • Web hosting
  • Domain purchase
  • Software or service
  • Book clubs
  • Subscription boxes
  • Membership sites
  • Premium online subscriptions
  • Clubs
  • Payment plans with monthly installments


  • Do your own research. 
  • Spend a few hours, Make a decision, 
  • Do not deliberate for days, Make a decision. 
  • Get to work. Work hard. 
  • Give your efforts time to produce for three or four months. . 
  • If you are not satisfied,  you can always change to another Flagship / residual product later.

Once your flagship product starts to earn commissions on a regular basis, you will want to add additional affiliate products, Make sure they relate to your Flagship product.

For example: if your Flagship product is an Atkins diet ebook you may want to add an aerobic exercise ebook since exercise is a vital piece in the weight loss process.

Next, you could add exercise equipment.

Okay, now it is all up to you. Take action on what you have learned from this blog post.
Action takers are money makers


My #1 Recommended Product

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That’s $125 per month ongoing commissions for as long as the customer keeps the products.

Just think: if you make 10 sells that will earn you $1250 per month/ $15,000 per earn. 

Of course, you do not quiet with 10 sales – you continue to promote and make additional sales.

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    Thanks so much Tom, you definitely offered a feast of information showing the importance of residual income and how to find them on the web. It’s funny, I had never heard of a “continuity” product, until the 30 Minute Workday. My goal that I started in 2020 was to build my residual income. Thanks again 🙂


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